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It’s live! “Tanks! Mayhem” is on the app store here


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Tanks! Mayhem - available for the iPhone/iPad - We are excited to announce that our newly developed game, Tanks! Mayhem, is now available for download on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad platforms. This action-packed game offers an exciting outlet for you to enjoy at a minimal cost of $0.99. Don't miss out on the mayhem!
Creating an OpenGL game for both the Palm and iOS - I've made a triumphant return to the blogosphere with the release of my new game, 'Tanks!' developed for Palm Pre/Pixie and soon for iPhone devices. The game, an experiment to learn OpenGLES 2.0, is a testament to the feasibility of porting C++ or C code from iOS to Palm PDK, despite minor challenges with UI interaction and audio. So gear up, folks! Download 'Tanks!', step onto the battlefield and let the mayhem begin! Next stop on my coding odyssey - Android!
Shoot3D for the iPad/iPhone - I'm thrilled to have introduced my first 3D game on the app store. The entire process served as a real learning curve, with some elements still appearing obscure, yet adding to the intrigue. The games section of the app store is known for its fierce competition, but challenging the status quo by doing something different from the regular utility apps is quite a welcome change. I'm generally proud of how the game has turned out and look forward to its reception. You can download the game on the app store.
Tanks! will soon be removed from the US app store - Well, it's game over for my creation, Tanks!, in the US app store. You won't believe this but Atari's claiming it treads too closely to their copyright. Kinda feels like they think they hold the exclusive rights to all tank-driving games. I'm not buying their claim one bit but, when the game's bringing in less than a buck a day, who can afford legal bills, right?
Sales stats update - Two months on the app store - Another month on the App Store, fellas! Even though our little app met some bumps here and there, it still managed to get quite the spotlight in Europe's 'What we're playing' section, grossing up to 200 daily sales in the UK, 300 globally. Took a hit when we dropped from the featured list, but that was expected, right? Thankfully, other countries picked up the slack! Brought in a new icon and broke into the US market, making a splash in their 'New and Noteworthy' section. Seems like being on the front page or featured list really makes a difference! Despite a distinct peak in US sales, no other plot-twisting moments. Oh, and for all the high rollers out there, the yacht's still a bit off, I reckon. But we're hopeful. Feel like catching a glimpse into the numbers? Got questions or just want to chat? Give us a shout! Now, back to work. Next update coming your way soon!

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HELP SUPPORT MY WORK: If you're feeling flush then please stop by Patreon Or you can make a one off donation via ko-fi
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