Adventures in Technology

What we do:

Startup Tech Consultancy

We work closely with startups and companies to help them make the right technology decisions. We bring a rich and varied technical experience and expertise from having worked for both small and large companies. We understand what works and are able to offer insights to guide businesses through the difficult task of technology decision making.

Blockchain and smart contracts

The blockchain is rapidly becoming an essential tool for businesses. It can be thought of as a distributed database, where the records are inherently resistant to change. This makes the technology ideally suited to applications involving trust, such as in the Financial or Health industries.

Machine learning

As we generate more data, it becomes harder to derive actionable and useful information. Machine learning gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. They are able to spot patterns and make predictions on data, thus providing powerful insights and business advantages.

Big Data

The price of storage has meant that we can collect vast amounts of data from our computing systems. This data provides a source for business insights, and decision making. However managing data at scale is a complex problem, and traditional tools are often inadequate. Especially when it comes to capturing, storing and analysing and extracting value.

Serverless computing

As cloud computing platforms have become more prevalent, an idea called Serverless computing has emerged. The "No server" phrase is misleading as server systems are still involved, however the cloud provider dynamically allocates and manages the computing resources automatically on demand. This leads to payment models where the customer only pays for the computing power they actually use.


Mobile computing, sensor networks, the Internet of Things, and other technologies, have led to the need to manage and visualise Geo-spatial data. Data can be represented spatially on maps which leads to new insights.

Who we are:

Dr Chris Greening

With background in both Computer Science and Electronics, Chris possesses highly in demand skills and technical experience. He thrives on new challenges and uses every opportunity to create solutions that solve real world problems.

Ben Emson

Ben is passionate about technology and enjoys teaching and developing innovative new products. His background working in innovation labs and startups gives him in depth experience and knowledge of cutting edge solutions.

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