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To celebrate 25000 downloads of Sudoku Grab I’m setting the app to free until the 25th June. Thanks to everyone who has purchased the app and for all the great feedback you’ve been sending.


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Version 2 of SudokuGrab released - We've updated SudokuGrab with some major enhancements including iCloud syncing for your puzzles and support for iPads. There are a few bugs we're aware of and we're actively working to fix them in the coming weeks, with a new version already submitted to the app store.
Updating Sudoku Grab - Currently, I am revitalizing Sudoku Grab, my first app ever, published in 2009. The plan involves updating the code, upgrading to ARC, simplifying the menu system, accommodating iOS7, and supporting 4-inch display sizes. Future updates may include iCloud syncing features for universal access to puzzles. This endeavor also gives me an excuse to switch to an iPhone5s!
Sales stats update - 5 or 6 months on the app store - Apologies for the radio silence on sales stats for our app, but to be fair, there hasn't been much spark! After the US App Store feature, it was a sliding game down the charts, but still, we average about 10-30 copies daily. We excitedly crossed the 25,000 download mark recently. Oh, and there's a chart you can find below with more deets. A Dutch website brought a brief sales soar, but that's died down now. All told, we've clocked in 25591 paid and 8436 free downloads, the latter gaining a brief spotlight during a celebratory two-week freebie phase. Sure seems free is popular! But, I feel content knowing we've lots of, hopefully, pleased customers!
Sudoku Grab Removed From Sale in Japan - Just got an email from Apple, claiming that my app 'Sudoku Grab' infringes on intellectual property rights of Nikoli.Co.Ltd. So, as a precaution, I've taken Sudoku Grab off the shelves in Japan.
A couple of reviews - Our app has finally been reviewed by a couple of sites, namely 148apps and iPhone App Reviews. Unfortunately, our daily downloads in the US are still low, hovering around 10-20, and the app has moved off the front page of the app store in the UK, causing a significant drop in sales. Stay tuned for a detailed update in a couple of weeks. Appreciate all the support and readership.

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HELP SUPPORT MY WORK: If you're feeling flush then please stop by Patreon Or you can make a one off donation via ko-fi
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