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We had a blast going live for our exciting Christmas quiz! We started by whipping up some suspense, dealing with a few technical glitches, a tiny bit of trippy feedback, and some legendary guests. We had James, Brian, Pat, and Desi – the real stars of live streaming! With the rules set out - not questioning Santa, we navigated through a wave of Christmas and science-themed questions. From 1980s computers and the first SMS message to hormones, physics, electronics, and space exploration – we had it all. We even added a splash of math and popular culture into the mix. There was no shortage of confusion, excitement, and good-humored debates throughout the quiz. Ending it on a fun note, there was no prize but the joy of taking part in itself. Ah, it was a tie, but thanks to our 'Gizmo' question, there were extra points for everyone! We reminisced about our Christmas plans afterward - be it visiting family, playing games, or even running marathons! Merry Christmas to all!

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[0:00] [Music]
[0:14] [Music]
[0:31] hey one entrance we’re live let’s hope
[0:35] some people
[0:36] watching I I’m looking at the stream
[0:38] Chris oh we’ve only appeared now screen
[0:43] okay we’re
[0:46] live for those who missed it there was a
[0:49] kind of countdown but I think that
[0:51] probably didn’t work so techn the
[0:54] countdown worked but we weren’t on top
[0:56] of it like we were on stream maybe that
[0:59] was what you expect expected I don’t
[1:01] know I don’t know what I was expecting
[1:03] this whole live streaming thing is a
[1:04] complete mystery to me so I don’t know
[1:07] what’s going on I’m getting a ton of
[1:10] trippy feedback I don’t know if anyone
[1:11] else is um not getting feedback on my
[1:15] side are you sounds fine for
[1:21] me so Christmas quiz are we
[1:25] ready no no excellent very good I’m
[1:29] willing to it you’re willing to wing it
[1:31] okay should we start then let’s do the
[1:33] quiz let me get my um let me see if I
[1:36] can work streamyard to actually present
[1:38] something okay here we
[1:41] go hey that works well excellent It’s
[1:45] the Christmas quiz everyone excited yay
[1:50] I’m excited this was built as the event
[1:52] of the year so my uh it is I mean that’s
[1:55] that’s why I have all these famous
[1:57] guests on the show we got James Brian
[2:00] Pat and Desi pu I mean they are they are
[2:03] the stars of live streaming I think
[2:06] certainly in most maker news and mocha
[2:08] cast so pretty good so as always there
[2:12] are some rules the rules are that
[2:15] whatever Santa says is true so do not
[2:18] question
[2:20] Santa um that’s the only rules there’s
[2:22] no prize this time so no prizes there’s
[2:25] no uh no shows to present next year
[2:28] nothing to do um
[2:30] no little gifts although I’m a um yeah
[2:33] no there’s no prize I can’t think of
[2:34] anything to give anyone so the prize is
[2:36] taking part so let’s do the quiz we’re
[2:39] all winners all right question
[2:42] one which computer from the
[2:45] 1980s had the famous Christmas demos
[2:48] that showed off its graphics and sound
[2:51] capabilities was it Commodore
[2:55] 64 Apple 2 IBM PC
[3:00] or the ZX Spectrum so famous Christmas
[3:04] demos used to be made for this machine
[3:07] which one was
[3:09] it feel like James has aning very
[3:14] confident he’s got his no I’m not I’m
[3:17] look M things there I’m gonna embarrass
[3:22] myself
[3:23] here oh dear James you’re the games guy
[3:27] you should know
[3:28] this computer guy too games and demos
[3:33] whole different scene okay the first SMS
[3:37] message ever sent was transmitted in
[3:39] December
[3:40] 1992 what was the festive message was it
[3:44] happy New Year Merry Christmas seasons
[3:49] greetings or ho ho ho the first SMS
[3:53] message ever
[3:56] sent now I’ve got a feeling this might
[3:58] have been in one of the maker cast
[4:00] quizzes at some point so if you’ve
[4:03] watched all the maker cast quizzes you
[4:05] may know this
[4:08] one Brian scratching his head so that’s
[4:12] a possib may or may not have watched all
[4:15] the
[4:16] [Laughter]
[4:19] microcast now you have something to do
[4:21] for the
[4:23] Christmas films and TV in future VOR
[4:27] what is the name of the planet where
[4:29] robot Santa Claus has his death
[4:33] Fortress so in future armor robot Santa
[4:37] his death Fortress is based on which
[4:39] planet is it
[4:41] Neptune Mars Pluto or Saturn so where
[4:46] does robot Santa have his Fortress of
[4:51] death okay ready for the next
[4:55] question what is the name of the
[4:56] creature that transforms into a gremlin
[4:59] if not cared for
[5:01] properly is it stripe fluffy M or
[5:08] Gizmo so the name of the creature that
[5:11] transforms into
[5:15] Gremlins okay question five in the movie
[5:19] Die Hard what is John McLean’s
[5:22] catchphrase is it ding dong
[5:26] do Abra kabra really yipp Kay or xell
[5:34] armus feel like you had to give us a
[5:36] gimme I know I wanted one that everyone
[5:38] could get that’s the okay biology which
[5:43] hormone often associated with the
[5:45] feeling of happiness and well-being is
[5:47] likely to increase in most people during
[5:50] the Christmas holidays so I had to put
[5:52] in the often association with feelings
[5:53] of happiness and well-being because some
[5:55] of these might be ones that aing
[5:58] unlikely I was thinking C
[6:03] [Laughter]
[6:04] off
[6:06] seratonin
[6:08] insulin so happy and well-being is the
[6:12] one we want not all the other ones yeah
[6:14] there’s there’s M hormones there that
[6:17] increase over
[6:19] Christmas okay physics which physicist
[6:22] born on Christmas Day developed the laws
[6:24] of motion and
[6:26] gravity was it Albert Einstein
[6:29] Isaac Newton Neils b or James Clark
[6:35] Maxwell so motion and
[6:38] gravity okay question eight Electronics
[6:42] we should be able to do this one a
[6:44] string of LED Christmas lights what
[6:46] component is typically used to ensure
[6:48] that the correct current flows through
[6:50] each
[6:51] LED resistor capacitor inductor or
[6:58] Transformer
[7:01] absolutely nothing if you buy your LED
[7:03] strings from uh CH yes it’s just the
[7:11] wire right base on Christmas Eve
[7:15] 1968 which NASA mission was the first to
[7:18] orbit the Moon was it Apollo 8 Apollo 11
[7:23] Apollo 13 or Gemini 3 so 1968 first
[7:28] mission to orbit the
[7:32] Moon my lack of interest in space
[7:35] exploration has caused me dearly on
[7:38] these quizzes over the
[7:40] years I think I can think of a Christmas
[7:42] present for Brian a big annual of space
[7:45] exploration it would hold up my monitor
[7:49] lovely okay question 10
[7:52] mathematics if you were to add up all
[7:54] the gifts in the 12 Days of Christmas
[7:56] song how many gifts would there be in
[7:59] total 36 mathematics
[8:05] 276 144 or
[8:08] 78 so add up all the gifts in the 12
[8:11] Days of Christmas
[8:14] song there be a lot of paper wasted
[8:20] here five
[8:23] [Music]
[8:24] go this the only one anybody knows oh
[8:28] no
[8:30] in the unlikely event we need a tie
[8:33] breaker assuming all the children under
[8:36] the age of 14 receive a present how many
[8:39] presents does Santa need to
[8:41] deliver and it’s the closest guest wins
[8:45] all the children on Earth this is what
[8:47] we all the children on Earth under the
[8:49] age of 14 everyone oh they all get a
[8:51] present if they’re under 14 how
[8:58] many
[9:02] could I ask for the options for question
[9:04] 10 again because I worked out my answer
[9:06] and the ABCD was off screen okay 364 276
[9:13] 145 you do an integration that’s what I
[9:17] did well you could just Google it that’s
[9:20] the uh oh that’s
[9:23] cheating but painstakingly drawing it
[9:26] out that’s not cheating oh that’s not
[9:27] cheating drawing it out oh out
[9:31] integration by with extra
[9:33] steps okay so that’s a tiebreaker
[9:37] question have you all made your closest
[9:39] guesses ye yes yes excellent okay that’s
[9:44] it do we want the answers are we ready
[9:47] yes are we ready yeah okay it was the
[9:51] Commodore
[9:53] [Music]
[9:56] 64 okay question two
[10:00] Merry
[10:01] Christmas see my lovely mockup of a text
[10:04] message there on the screen that took
[10:06] absolutely a downloading fonts and
[10:08] everything probably spent more time
[10:10] making that than the actual quiz and it
[10:13] definitely wasn’t on anarch E
[10:17] no the death Fortress Is on
[10:21] Neptune oh
[10:23] no okay and it was of course
[10:28] Gizmo
[10:30] and then I think everyone got this I
[10:32] assume anybody want to say if they got
[10:35] anything other than EP
[10:38] K because it was of course up
[10:40] K
[10:42] biology serotonin the happy
[10:46] hormone I assume everyone’s feeling
[10:48] happy this
[10:50] Christmas so happy so
[10:53] happy was of course Isaac Newton born on
[10:56] Christmas
[10:58] Day like his hair I know that is very
[11:01] cool isn’t it I was going to try and put
[11:03] a Christmas hat on him but didn’t quite
[11:06] wear he was more of a
[11:08] grinch
[11:10] yeah and it was of course a
[11:15] resista Christmas Eve
[11:17] 1968 it was Apollo 8 Apollo 8 and they
[11:23] got a really nice photo of the earth
[11:24] that’s the Earthwise photo came from
[11:26] that
[11:27] mission and so this one it is
[11:32] 364 and if you don’t believe that you
[11:34] can go to this house of maths website
[11:37] and they’ll explain why it’s
[11:39] 364 thought it was x two going on it’s
[11:43] basically every every verse
[11:47] is new
[11:51] count
[11:53] that’s that means you get the first day
[11:55] 12 times I mean come
[11:57] on I I call I refer you to the rules at
[12:03] the start of the
[12:05] quiz okay okay you don’t need to come
[12:07] down from
[12:09] Neptune okay and the
[12:11] tiebreaker it is 750 million oh two
[12:15] billion two billion or two this
[12:19] isation from um the world stats that I
[12:22] found and the percentage of children so
[12:25] that’s what I think it
[12:27] is three billion I gu three billion yeah
[12:32] that’s pretty close yeah I guessed one
[12:35] billion so I’m slightly closer jimes
[12:39] slightly
[12:40] closer
[12:42] closer I guess 750 million I thought
[12:45] maybe I guess uh uh my perception was uh
[12:47] Twisted by the Aging population around
[12:51] here yeah
[12:54] not so what were the scores then what
[12:57] did you get oh I I did awful let’s see
[13:00] uh pretty
[13:02] bad uh I got five five
[13:07] and five I also got
[13:13] five fourway
[13:16] tiebreaker I don’t think we heard about
[13:18] the sh gu one the answers though um it’s
[13:22] MOG why not Gizmo for the Gremlins one
[13:25] that’s what I got I know father I know
[13:27] Santa Christmas the name right but is it
[13:31] wrong is that wrong no wording is
[13:34] incorrect
[13:36] I I haven’t seen Gremlins in a while but
[13:39] I knew Gizmo was the name of a character
[13:42] yeah it was the the one Gizmo never
[13:44] turns into a gremlin oh M yes oh no God
[13:50] I got the wrong one yes you’re G to take
[13:53] this away from me
[13:54] James except you can’t cuz I also
[13:58] guessed see for
[14:04] this all right everyone gets an extra
[14:07] point YY brilliant well that was the
[14:11] quiz that’s it there’s no prize so
[14:15] fantastic happy Christmas there isn’t a
[14:17] prize seeing as I think I won seeing as
[14:20] you won that’s
[14:22] yeah have to go back to rapping presents
[14:26] soon eord I’m just going to go to bed
[14:29] that’s my
[14:34] praise what is everyone doing for
[14:36] Christmas exciting plans James what are
[14:39] you doing more I will be visiting my mom
[14:43] over the weekend um and then on
[14:45] Christmas Day evening I’ll be back here
[14:47] to uh um uh see my girlfriend and have
[14:51] friends over for some uh music games and
[14:55] and a bit of drinking I imagine very
[14:57] nice excellent
[14:59] Brian what are you doing kid
[15:01] stuff kid stuff uh yes as little as
[15:05] possible hopefully from uh going around
[15:08] the place point of view uh having dinner
[15:12] here uh with kids and things like that
[15:16] uh I’m trying to run every day that I’m
[15:20] off for Christmas so that’ll be 12 days
[15:23] in a row I’m on I finished day two today
[15:27] so how far are you
[15:30] running I ran 5 and a2k on Wednesday and
[15:35] 5K this morning so just 5Ks probably
[15:39] although I do have a 10K to run on St
[15:42] Stevens day or Boxing Day for people who
[15:46] are so inclined um so there will be more
[15:49] than 5Ks there I logistically don’t have
[15:52] a clue how I’m going to do it on
[15:54] Christmas Day because normally like my
[15:56] solution is to just get up really early
[15:59] like this morning I went out at like 20
[16:02] 6 do you not have Park RS near
[16:04] you the nearest park run to me is half
[16:08] an hour away is and they only happen on
[16:12] Saturdays but most Park runs do an extra
[16:15] one on Christmas day oh yeah that’s true
[16:17] so I’ll I’ll be getting up and doing the
[16:20] the park run close to uh to my mom’s run
[16:23] into the pub I’m back I I ran to collect
[16:27] my care from the mechanic on Wednesday
[16:30] and that is the first time I ran as a
[16:32] mode of
[16:34] Transport as far as I know because I’ve
[16:38] dropped the car off at the garage and
[16:40] run back a few times but I tend to get a
[16:42] taxi the other way because of how it
[16:44] lies in the day and also I don’t want to
[16:46] sit there in reception dripping with
[16:48] sweat yeah my car was outside and ready
[16:51] to collect but yes there’s that’s why
[16:54] it’s a hard thing to do as a m of
[16:55] Transport because you get there sweating
[16:59] like a pig so you know well other than
[17:02] pigs don’t sweat but uh that’s not
[17:05] that’s what to saying is so that’s what
[17:07] I’m going to do and hopefully I’ll work
[17:09] on a few projects or something as well
[17:12] that’s the that’s the
[17:14] plan I don’t know excellent and then
[17:17] actually an interesting thing for work
[17:20] I’m going to CES in January as well oh
[17:23] nice excellent that’s going to be fun
[17:27] will you uh it’s going to be real busy
[17:29] yeah that’ be fantastic yeah it’ be fun
[17:32] be my first time in
[17:35] Vegas might not come back you will get
[17:39] to see the the giant ball yeah yes yeah
[17:43] get some video in person yeah yeah big
[17:46] Jo ball yeah Des what’s your Christmas
[17:49] plans projects or I celebrate don’t
[17:53] celebrate excellent you’‘ll be working
[17:56] on projects then yeah f
[17:58] basally yeah working on projects is
[18:02] celebrating is yeah it’s a celebration
[18:05] of the makeer thing whatever we do
[18:09] Spirit that’s the one yes fine Pat what
[18:13] are you up to for Christmas uh bit of
[18:15] socializing uh you know I’m I’m mostly a
[18:17] summer child but I love this period
[18:20] because people stop emailing you so
[18:23] projects projects all the stuff that I
[18:26] kind of put on the side and uh Haven it
[18:28] done and haven’t touched all all the
[18:30] weird random stuff is is is on the stack
[18:33] so as soon as it gets quiet uh right
[18:36] about now the solstice people kind of go
[18:38] away and the projects
[18:42] begin yes well I got a bunch of stuff um
[18:47] Chon sent me some stuff unexpected maker
[18:50] so that’s good got a parcel from him
[18:52] with my with my new watch which is very
[18:54] exciting and a bunch of other bits and
[18:56] Bobs so I will have to do an unboxing
[18:59] video and get that out I think that will
[19:01] be my that might be my one Christmas
[19:03] video that I do over the break Boxing
[19:06] Day unboxing video Boxing Day unboxing
[19:09] video Brian you’re on fire that’s
[19:12] brilliant I don’t even call it boxing
[19:14] [Laughter]
[19:17] there cool well everyone have a good
[19:19] Christmas then that’s thank
[19:22] you thanks for running the quiz Chris
[19:24] all right Chris you all in maker cast
[19:27] next year
[19:28] be happy January happy holidays to
[19:32] everybody that’s the appropriate thing
[19:34] to
[19:36] say seasonal
[19:39] greetings all that stuff non-specific
[19:42] seasonal greetings to
[19:46] all great all right then should we call
[19:49] it done I think that’s probably it sure
[19:52] see everyone next year probably seeing
[19:55] you see you guys have fun see you on the
[19:57] other side
[20:00] but

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