I've got 150 breakout boards to test

I had some bulk orders for microphone boards so I thought I might as well order a few extra to put on eBay. I’m not currently doing Tindie at the moment as they haven’t got their act together on VAT which makes selling in Europe a bit tricky.

SMD Wireless LEDs - as good as the commercial versions?

SMD wireless LEDs - what’s not to like? I showed in a previous video how to do this with through-hole components. These worked really well, but they weren’t as nice looking as the commercial versions.

Christmas Lights Without Wires - What will they think of next?

How many wireless LEDs can we drive from my DIY circuit? I couldn’t resist taking my Christmas project from https://www.PCBWay.com/?from=atomic and trying to make it wireless.

Making Christmas tree lights respond to music

The tree is up and it’s covered in WS2811 addressable LEDs. Thanks to https://www.PCBWay.com/?from=atomic for sponsoring the channel.

KiCad Christmas PCB Tutorial

It’s Christmas project time - once again I’ve made a simple PCB in KiCad and I’ve had it manufactured by https://www.PCBWay.com/?from=atomic - this time they even included a little Christmas gift.

How to make your own Wireless LEDs

We’re making our own Wireless LEDs! Once again thanks to https://www.PCBWay.com/?from=atomic for sponsoring the channel.

Look Mum no wires! These wireless LEDs will blow your mind!

We’re handling some wireless LEDs - pretty amazing stuff. Again we’re sponsored by https://www.PCBWay.com/?from=atomic

DIY e-Reader update - ported to the M5Paper

Just a quick update on the eReader project. It’s been moving forward quite rapidly and now works on more devices. I’ve just finished porting it to the M5Paper and touch support has been added for the LilyGo boards.

How to play MP3 files without a codec chip on the ESP32

We’re playing MP3 files with no additional hardware! As always, big thanks to https://www.PCBWay.com/?from=atomic for sponsoring this video.

ESP32 Deep Sleep Ultra Low Power Coprocessor - We need to go deeper...

We’re taking an even deeper loop into deep sleep in this video. As always, big thanks to PCBWay for sponsoring this video - check them out at https://www.PCBWay.com/?from=atomic.

DIY eBook Reader - Build your own Kindle using an ESP32

I’ve been busy playing with another ESP32 based e-Paper display. Once again we’re sponsored by PCBWay - https://www.PCBWay.com/?from=atomic

ESP32 Deep Dive into Deep Sleep

We’re doing a deep dive into deep sleep! Thanks to PCB Way for sponsoring the videos - https://www.PCBWay.com/?from=atomic

Wio Terminal Audio Visualiser

I got my hands on one of these Wio Terminals from Seeed Studio.

Improve your Arduino code with C++ - inheritance and composition explained

If you watch the channel you’ll know that I love a bit of C++. So I thought it might be fun to revisit the classic blink sketch. Thanks to https://www.PCBWay.com/?from=atomic for sponsoring the channel! Check them out for your PCB needs.

Let's build a USB Microphone?

We’ve made a wireless video - so why not build a wired one! Thanks to https://www.PCBWay.com/?from=atomic for supporting the channel.

Mailbag and Stereo PCB Testing

It’s a fun-size mailbag, but we’ve got some PCBs from https://www.PCBWay.com/?from=atomic to test.

Can we make a wireless microphone? ESP32 Bluetooth Fail

Let’s make a Bluetooth microphone I said to myself, how hard can it be? A quick thanks to https://www.PCBWay.com/?from=atomic for sponsoring the channel.

Power Bank Teardown and Mash Up

This is very (really quick!) and dirty mash up of a battery powered fan and a free power bank.

First KiCad board from an EasyEDA user

I’ve been working on a custom stereo I2S amplifier board using the MAX98357 IC. I’ve had the first version manufactured by https://www.PCBWay.com/?from=atomic and now I need to design version 2 - I’ll get this manufactured by PCBWay again.

AI Writes the Blink Sketch

I’ve got access to the technology preview of GitHub’s Copilot. I’ve only played with it a little bit so far, but I’m actually pretty impressed.

Hacking with a USB stick?

If you’ve got a Teensy and you’re willing to do a bit of coding in Arduino then you can do it. Thanks to https://www.PCBWay.com/?from=atomic for supporting the channel.