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In this festive video, I did an unboxing of unexpected gifts I received from Australia by The Unexpected Maker! Among the cool stuff I got included a TinyC6, Bling and its box, and an amazing Unexpected Maker watch with a number of impressive features like time display, message options, and accelerometer. Pushing my luck, I also got my Christmas present a day early and gave it a quick Wi-Fi connection. Overall, an exciting watch with a microphone, buzzer and an esp32 S3. Also, I gave a brief look at my new USB 32 TV boards being manufactured and contemplated running the TV software on the watch. Unfortunately, the audio was a tricky part, but that's something to explore after Christmas! Wishing everyone Merry Christmas before I sign off!

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[0:00] let’s see what’s under the
[0:03] tree well this is interesting it’s a box
[0:07] from
[0:10] Australia we’ve got a boxer of
[0:12] unexpected gifts from The Unexpected
[0:14] maker let’s have a look at what we’ve
[0:20] got so this is very handy a tiny C6
[0:24] we’ll um do a couple of projects with
[0:26] that in the future very good we’ve also
[0:29] got a a
[0:32] bling and we have a nice box for The
[0:35] Bling Let’s uh let’s power this up and
[0:37] see what it
[0:42] does so it’s just a
[0:49] USBC let’s
[0:52] see
[0:54] bling testing testing jingle bells
[0:57] jingle bells apologies for this singing
[1:00] now this is very cool I can definitely
[1:02] think of some fun projects with this and
[1:04] we’ll definitely put it in this nice box
[1:07] fantastic thanks um thanks unexpected
[1:10] maker very unexpected extra
[1:14] bits and then the thing I actually
[1:19] ordered is the unexpected Maker watch so
[1:22] let’s get this plugged in as
[1:26] well so this has a very tiny screen once
[1:30] again USBC so let’s plug that
[1:42] in oh there we
[1:45] go
[1:47] so join the tiny watch hotspot on your
[1:50] phone and then select your Wi-Fi network
[1:52] so let me quickly do that and then we’ll
[1:55] see what this does okay we’re connected
[1:57] to the Wi-Fi so this is very cool we
[2:00] have the time the observant among you
[2:02] will notice I have opened my presence
[2:04] one day early um so that’s a bit cheeky
[2:07] of me far Christmas will be cross um
[2:10] there look so this firware is a work in
[2:12] progress from unexpected maker but we
[2:14] have the time and the date there’s an
[2:16] example of different controls you can
[2:19] hear the little beeper
[2:21] beeping and there’s
[2:23] also messages although obviously no one
[2:27] sent me any messages yet and and we have
[2:30] an accelerometer so that’s very
[2:33] cool and over here we have a nice Audio
[2:36] Monitor we do like an audio monitor on
[2:39] this channel and jingle bells jingle
[2:42] bells apologies again for the singing
[2:44] but I just can’t help myself um so
[2:47] what’s very nice about this it’s got a
[2:49] tiny screen and on the back we can see
[2:52] it’s an esp32 S3 there’s a battery
[2:55] connector I do have a tiny battery
[2:57] somewhere that I can plug into that um
[3:00] there’s a microphone I think that’s the
[3:02] microphone um I think that’s the the
[3:05] buzzer there I’ll pull up the um a nice
[3:08] picture of this and we’ll have a look at
[3:10] what’s actually on the board and then I
[3:12] think we’re waiting for a few pcbs from
[3:14] PCB way and if you want a PCB I would go
[3:17] to PCB way so my new uh USB 32 TV boards
[3:22] are currently being manufactured but I
[3:24] think we should be able to get the TV
[3:26] software running on this board so
[3:28] that’ll be quite interesting so let’s
[3:30] give that a go so I’ve got a nice
[3:32] closeup of the PCB and here we can see
[3:35] the esp32 S3 Pico uh over here is the
[3:39] buzzer and up here we’ve got the
[3:41] microphone this tiny ISC is the 3.3 volt
[3:45] regulator it’s amazing it can be so
[3:47] small over here is the accelerometer and
[3:49] um there’s a lot of other stuff on this
[3:51] PCB uh the unexpected maker is great at
[3:54] open sourcing all his designs so if you
[3:56] want to get some more details about
[3:57] what’s on the board then the schematic
[3:59] is public lished on his GitHub repay so
[4:01] take a look at that so the only issue I
[4:03] can see with getting our TV software
[4:05] working is going to be the audio because
[4:07] the S3 doesn’t have a DAC output so
[4:10] we’ve got the buzzer so we’ll try and
[4:12] look at that but maybe it will get too
[4:14] much and we’ll have to do that in a
[4:15] different video but let’s get the um
[4:17] let’s get the TV software working on the
[4:19] tyy
[4:23] watch so it’s working pretty well uh
[4:25] that’s not really any surprise it is
[4:27] using a fairly standard display my codes
[4:30] written for the esp32 S3 the only thing
[4:33] I’ve not managed to get working is the
[4:35] audio unfortunately the S3 doesn’t have
[4:37] a DAC output so driving a speaker
[4:40] directly is actually surprisingly
[4:42] difficult um I’ve been looking at using
[4:44] PDM or pwm but that’s a project for
[4:47] after Christmas I think so All That
[4:50] Remains to say is Merry Christmas and
[4:52] have a great break and I’ll see you in
[4:54] the new year happy
[4:58] Christmas

HELP SUPPORT MY WORK: If you're feeling flush then please stop by Patreon Or you can make a one off donation via ko-fi
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