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Check out the latest MakerCast episode featuring makers showcasing their fascinating projects, including customized engineering resin, innovative 3D printing applications, and more!

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[0:03] all right we’re live so welcome everyone
[0:06] it’s uh it’s another maker cast and it’s
[0:08] me hosting the show again for the third
[0:10] time i think so hopefully someone will
[0:12] pick it up next time because i imagine
[0:14] you’re getting pretty bored of me and my
[0:15] quizzes but it’s episode 35 of makercast
[0:19] so what is makercast make a cast is a
[0:22] monthly stream that wanders from make a
[0:24] channel to make a channel where makers
[0:25] share their latest projects we always
[0:27] try to have some new people on the show
[0:29] to show what they’ve been up to and this
[0:30] week we’ve got some pretty exciting
[0:32] guests
[0:33] kicking off we’ve got maya’s makes aka
[0:35] clem he’s been doing some pretty
[0:37] interesting stuff he’s been working on
[0:39] some engineering resin that’s based on
[0:41] himself it’s super strong and it’s super
[0:44] tough he’s also got another project he’s
[0:46] working on but we’ll wait for his bit of
[0:47] the show to learn to learn about that
[0:49] bit
[0:50] we’ve then got becky stern becky is a
[0:52] maker based in new york when she’s not
[0:54] making she’s out riding bikes and
[0:56] motorcycles she’s now officially the
[0:58] coolest person i know i’ve been binge
[1:00] watching her content and you should too
[1:03] following becky is the electronic
[1:05] engineer aka mark mark is actually a
[1:08] certified electronic engineer so he
[1:10] knows what he’s talking about he’s also
[1:12] written a book on designing embedded
[1:14] systems i’m slightly worried about
[1:16] showing my circuits later as i’m pretty
[1:18] much an amateur
[1:19] we’ve then got tim on what can we say
[1:21] about timon that hasn’t already been
[1:23] said by many people he does product
[1:25] design hacks on electronics 3d printing
[1:27] cnc machining he’s also one prizes for
[1:30] his linux tablet it can be summed up in
[1:32] one word adorkable
[1:34] and finally we have star girl aka
[1:37] theater tia
[1:39] she runs winterbloom an independent
[1:41] woman owned music electronics company
[1:44] thea is on a mission to empower people
[1:46] through technology and education she’s
[1:48] also pretty good at playing the guitar
[1:49] roller skating and sonic the hedgehog
[1:52] check out their links in the description
[1:53] to find out more about them follow them
[1:55] on twitter and subscribe to their
[1:56] channels and of course there’s me your
[1:58] host for tonight i am celebrating
[2:01] christmas i have my jumper
[2:03] there’ll be a quiz later and i’ll be
[2:04] showing a few things off as well so
[2:07] starting off the show uh clem
[2:09] volunteered to go first sir clem i will
[2:11] make you the star of the show
[2:13] and um let me respond how to do that
[2:16] there we go clem is now the star of the
[2:18] show oh hello
[2:20] welcome to stream thanks for letting me
[2:22] join first
[2:23] uh yeah i have basically three pieces
[2:25] one of them is extremely short because
[2:28] of course i make videos i do them on a
[2:30] channel called element14 presents and my
[2:32] latest video out there is about an
[2:35] arduino weather station but that’s
[2:36] boring and everybody has seen such a
[2:38] video so we talk about different things
[2:40] that you might not have seen
[2:42] uh specifically
[2:44] uh
[2:45] you know some people have like brands of
[2:48] their own and some have like
[2:50] special versions of stuff made for them
[2:53] like youtubers have thing and i now have
[2:56] a thing
[2:57] myself
[2:58] i have my own brand of resin
[3:01] 3d printer as in to be exact it’s called
[3:05] makes engineering resin i’m trying to
[3:07] find the camera with the right angle
[3:10] uh i know it’s a bit hard to see but if
[3:12] you look closely you can see there are
[3:14] like gears and stuff on there in the
[3:16] design that are like shimmering which is
[3:18] quite neat i think
[3:20] and yeah what’s special about this thing
[3:23] like
[3:24] i had a project that also was a video
[3:27] uh where i
[3:29] basically stumbled into
[3:31] the
[3:32] the capabilities of 3d printing uh
[3:36] i had to build a
[3:39] a drop-in cartridge replacement for a
[3:41] super 8 camera
[3:42] and normal 3d printing wasn’t gonna cut
[3:45] it like fdm wasn’t
[3:47] exact enough
[3:49] and
[3:50] with normal resins
[3:52] the moment i would put my cartridge into
[3:54] the camera the clamping mechanism would
[3:56] like squash it and break it
[3:59] so i had to have get something
[4:02] more durable than the stuff that you can
[4:04] get already on the market so i teamed up
[4:06] with like a company that i worked for
[4:08] before
[4:09] and we made like
[4:11] a special kind of resin that you can
[4:13] like you can hit this stuff with a
[4:15] hammer
[4:16] if you want to
[4:18] and it’s
[4:19] when you print it
[4:21] it’s yellow and when it’s done it’s
[4:24] clear so this one was like printed some
[4:27] time ago you can see the thin parts are
[4:29] already clear from exposure and the
[4:31] thicker parts are
[4:33] still a bit yellow
[4:35] here for example are two parts
[4:37] one is like after printing the other one
[4:40] was laying in the sun and now it’s
[4:42] yellow so this stuff
[4:44] doesn’t get yellow when it’s in the sun
[4:46] it gets clear when it’s in the sun
[4:49] so like the opposite of the usual stuff
[4:52] and yeah i made this basically
[4:54] specifically for a project and
[4:56] then i made like a lot of it because i
[5:00] if you want to make like special
[5:02] materials then you have to pretty much
[5:04] buy a lot of it to make it happen
[5:08] that’s the
[5:09] like how it works you can’t just buy
[5:12] or like make a kilo or something like
[5:15] that you have to make a lot because
[5:17] there is a lot of overhead with rules
[5:19] and regulations and safety data sheets
[5:21] and all that stuff
[5:23] to make that happen so i basically had
[5:25] to make that a product and you can get
[5:27] that now and i’m gonna share my screen
[5:30] to show you
[5:32] the things
[5:34] and it’s
[5:38] if you could put my
[5:40] screen on screen then yeah that would be
[5:42] great so yeah you can uh basically now
[5:45] go to or mimics today t
[5:48] doesn’t matter click on engineering
[5:50] resin and here is all the details you
[5:52] may want to know
[5:54] we have slicer profiles for cheater box
[5:56] for the most 3d printers we have a full
[5:58] product sheet with all the stuff we have
[6:00] all the materials safety data sheets in
[6:02] all the european languages so you
[6:04] basically can get this stuff in
[6:06] most european countries now
[6:09] currently i can’t sell to the us because
[6:11] of like regulations and rules and i
[6:14] don’t have the money right now to do
[6:16] this so i have to sell a bit of that
[6:18] stuff first to make that possible
[6:20] but it will eventually go over there
[6:23] and basically this is like pro grade
[6:26] material but that it works on hobby
[6:28] printers so it doesn’t work on the
[6:30] formlaps machines but it does work on
[6:32] all the cheap ones and
[6:35] something that uh the i think his name
[6:37] is the practical engineer i think
[6:41] a dutch guy uh
[6:43] just checked one of the prints in his
[6:45] lathe and that’s also a thing that i do
[6:47] because what i intended with this is you
[6:50] basically print your design
[6:52] then you mechanically
[6:54] alter it to get the perfect fit like
[6:58] turn it down to perfect uh dimensions on
[7:01] the lathe or mill it or do whatever you
[7:03] want
[7:04] check if it fits and then uh get the
[7:06] measurements and put that back into cat
[7:08] instead of reprinting you basically
[7:10] alter the piece and you can
[7:12] like every
[7:14] uh metal working tool works also on this
[7:16] stuff and it’s pretty easy to machine
[7:19] and
[7:20] one example that i did which has like an
[7:23] interesting side effect
[7:25] uh is this thing here which is
[7:28] a little uh gear and i’ve posted that on
[7:31] my instagram
[7:32] that gear is printed with the resin i
[7:35] didn’t even bother to cure it fully
[7:37] because the weather is like bad and it
[7:39] takes quite some hours in bright
[7:42] daylight and in winter it takes like
[7:44] forever
[7:45] but eventually if it has enough sunlight
[7:47] this stuff gets clear
[7:49] and i tried to laser in
[7:52] a little logo that logos of the project
[7:56] that i will like tell you right after
[7:59] this
[7:59] and
[8:01] i thought maybe you can laser this stuff
[8:03] and basically it’s pretty much like uh
[8:06] the material is very similar similar to
[8:08] polyurethane
[8:10] and you can pretty much laser that
[8:12] flawless
[8:13] so you can get very sharp contours and
[8:15] then i thought what about if i like 3d
[8:19] engrave that so if you do dithering for
[8:21] a picture
[8:23] on that
[8:25] i see the question by adam bryant how
[8:26] well does it take model paint like every
[8:28] other resin just prime it with standards
[8:30] primer and paint it works
[8:33] uh flawless i have a video coming up
[8:35] where i paint this stuff and it looks
[8:37] like
[8:38] injection molded basically
[8:40] uh yeah
[8:41] so
[8:42] i tried to
[8:44] make something weird with it and i took
[8:46] this photo that you see now on screen
[8:48] and i lasered it onto the part
[8:52] and it’s like it’s deterred so wherever
[8:55] it’s uh more dark
[8:58] uh it will
[8:59] like ah yeah i can see my mouse like the
[9:01] like portions like the hair
[9:04] are darker because they are like the
[9:06] dots are closer together
[9:08] and they are like more of them so
[9:10] the resin is like eroded deeper into the
[9:14] surface and the
[9:16] light parts are basically
[9:18] basically none or just very slight
[9:22] erosion
[9:23] and on the blue shirt you can see that
[9:25] it’s like in between those
[9:27] and also you can even see the different
[9:29] like the folds of my shirt
[9:32] you could see them here so yeah
[9:34] that’s how it works and
[9:37] the
[9:38] thing with it this is to make this
[9:40] visible i basically
[9:42] mixed up another batch of resin uh dyed
[9:45] that black
[9:46] put it in there
[9:48] and then cured it in a curing station
[9:50] and then put it on the mill and milled
[9:52] it down again or not i put it on a lathe
[9:55] and turned it down again to the uh the
[9:57] flat surface and now you have a 3d face
[10:01] in there like the same face as in the
[10:03] picture and it’s beneath the surface in
[10:05] 3d so it’s actually like inside there
[10:09] and now i want to experiment with that
[10:10] and make it
[10:12] like basically i think you could
[10:14] theoretically if you make the dithering
[10:16] like strong enough and play around with
[10:18] the intensity of the laser you can make
[10:19] basically have like a cube and make a
[10:22] picture a three-dimensional one inside
[10:25] there and then fill it up again so it’s
[10:27] really inside the object
[10:29] maybe that’s an interesting application
[10:30] for something that has to like look nice
[10:34] yeah
[10:34] and if you want to get that stuff
[10:37] it’s basically available on my home page
[10:40] but it’s a manual process so you
[10:42] basically have to fill out this form
[10:44] send it over and i will answer email
[10:47] and i will get it shipped to you
[10:50] yeah that is the engineering resin was a
[10:52] lot of
[10:54] a lot of work to get this right
[10:56] here for example is a banshee and then
[10:58] with that i encountered like a nice
[11:01] oversight
[11:03] um
[11:04] it’s like
[11:05] things
[11:06] nicely happen that you don’t expect from
[11:08] them
[11:09] so when you
[11:10] print that and you cure it
[11:12] the thin parts cure a lot faster than
[11:16] the thick ones
[11:17] which is yeah that’s how it works
[11:20] and once
[11:21] those uh
[11:23] those supports
[11:25] are clear then you can just wiggle them
[11:29] and they snap perfectly at the
[11:31] points where they attach
[11:34] so it’s really easy
[11:36] to get those supports off
[11:38] and it’s like perfectly flat on there
[11:41] and that’s
[11:43] pretty cool for detailed models
[11:46] yeah and you can basically you can hit
[11:48] this stuff
[11:51] no damage at all
[11:54] i hit stuff with a hammer i basically
[11:56] with these hooks i can
[11:58] uh hang myself to the ceiling
[12:00] and they don’t break
[12:02] yeah
[12:03] and
[12:06] that’s how easy you can get the supports
[12:08] off
[12:09] but still this thing is like
[12:12] it’s like really tough
[12:15] you’re losing more damage
[12:17] yeah that’s not indestructible but i
[12:20] think you can hit this multiple times
[12:22] with a hammer before something goes
[12:24] so yeah that’s
[12:26] my engineering resin
[12:28] i hope a lot of people have use for it
[12:31] we have
[12:32] like sold this now to a lot of makers
[12:36] across europe there are reviews
[12:38] hopefully on the way
[12:39] and i hope that people have like ideas
[12:43] with it that wouldn’t be possible with
[12:44] normal resins
[12:46] i’m gonna go in the normal mode again
[12:48] because it gets hot
[12:50] and yeah and there is a secondary
[12:53] project
[12:54] that i’m working on now for
[12:57] a very long time
[12:59] i’m just gonna make this big so you can
[13:01] see it this
[13:04] uh is
[13:07] you could call it a passion project but
[13:09] it actually is a lot more
[13:12] uh i know a lot of people
[13:14] sell on
[13:15] uh websites
[13:17] that are i don’t name names like that
[13:20] are made for people
[13:23] like makers to sell their stuff
[13:25] and they don’t really care for things
[13:28] like
[13:28] legality and compliance and taxes and
[13:33] all the stuff that bites you in the butt
[13:36] when it’s there so basically i had no
[13:39] other choice to start my own project and
[13:41] i will clearly say that i’m not the only
[13:44] one working on
[13:46] alternatives so there’s also another
[13:48] project that will maybe come on the show
[13:51] someday to explain what it is
[13:54] mine is called
[13:56] and it’s not a maker marketplace
[13:59] as i would like to call it it’s a
[14:02] distribution company
[14:04] a big one especially designed for makers
[14:07] and what this is about it has multiple
[14:10] parts to it one of them is a shop
[14:14] that you can see here i have now like
[14:17] only uh examples online but that
[14:20] basically is how it works you have a
[14:22] shop you can shop for stuff that people
[14:25] put on there make us sell their things
[14:28] and it cares for a lot of stuff like ce
[14:32] and ens and data sheets and all the
[14:34] compliancy stuff and it does all the
[14:36] taxes
[14:37] so if i add something it will
[14:39] automatically calculate the right
[14:42] taxes and stuff and
[14:45] the difference
[14:46] with this is
[14:48] you don’t have to do basically all the
[14:51] hard stuff you design cool stuff
[14:54] and we do the rest
[14:55] okay you know
[14:57] that register registration and all that
[14:59] stuff we do that for you so you can
[15:02] build cool stuff
[15:04] and that hopefully allows us to bring
[15:06] like make-a-mate products
[15:08] uh not only between makers but to like
[15:12] people that would like them that are not
[15:14] makers themselves that want to like have
[15:16] normal shopping experiences and refunds
[15:19] and returns and all that stuff
[15:21] and with all these
[15:24] like things that we want to do uh we
[15:26] already have like some sellers
[15:28] registered for the beta this is like the
[15:30] beta version just to try out how it
[15:32] works and to do like the testing and
[15:34] stuff
[15:35] uh we call our seller salamanders
[15:37] because it’s smanda it’s like a seller
[15:39] mender
[15:40] a solder mender yeah
[15:42] and
[15:43] so the all the sellers are salamanders
[15:46] and basically what they do they sell to
[15:48] us the company smander and we sell on to
[15:51] the customers so we are responsible for
[15:53] making all the stuff compliant and
[15:56] basically you don’t have to take care
[15:58] about all the difficult legal stuff
[16:01] and we do all the invoicing and
[16:03] all the stuff that is also on your mind
[16:06] then but just a big thing if you sell to
[16:10] customers there’s this thing called ce
[16:12] [Music]
[16:14] or the americans know some fcc stuff
[16:16] like compliancy for electronic
[16:19] electronic emissions and stuff and
[16:23] uh we have like a little section here
[16:25] that says we do like information stuff
[16:28] so we actively talk to the people
[16:30] selling on there and making the project
[16:32] not just
[16:33] putting out the statement every three
[16:35] months that has nothing in it
[16:37] uh we have a discord you can join that
[16:40] right now and uh like try out the beta
[16:42] version of the thing you can chime in
[16:45] give your suggestions and stuff
[16:47] we are currently uh first targeting
[16:50] europe because it’s like the hardest
[16:51] thing to get right
[16:53] then we want to uh encourage sellers
[16:56] from the uk so selling from into uk and
[16:59] then it’s about worldwide like with usa
[17:01] and
[17:02] australia and the like but first we have
[17:04] to uh have to get europe right
[17:07] so that’s a currently the main focus but
[17:10] we’re already actively working on the uk
[17:12] stuff
[17:13] then we have the thing with distribution
[17:15] and stuff so we will
[17:16] also have and i’m currently building
[17:19] that right now
[17:21] we will have a fulfillment thing
[17:24] and
[17:26] no we don’t have nfts
[17:29] but we have digital products so you can
[17:31] also sell your 3d printable files and
[17:33] whatever you want
[17:34] or make like
[17:36] if you are working on an open source
[17:38] project you can also collect donations
[17:40] in form of uh you buy support for
[17:43] example or you buy consultations so you
[17:46] can also give services on there
[17:50] but we also will have fulfillment so if
[17:52] you have something that you don’t want
[17:54] to uh
[17:56] ship yourself
[17:58] we can do that for you especially if you
[18:01] uh sell like a lot of tiny parts that
[18:04] have to be picked
[18:05] and the certification thing is the next
[18:08] thing
[18:09] and we are building our own ce lab for
[18:14] that
[18:15] so we will do all the testing and
[18:17] certification
[18:19] but in a
[18:20] like in a manner that is not like the
[18:23] big
[18:23] labs because they basically have to do
[18:26] everything that you would ask them to do
[18:28] to be competitive and to be
[18:30] like an option in the market for the big
[18:31] boys we just focus specifically on maker
[18:36] products like dev kits breakout boards
[18:39] all that stuff that make us typically
[18:41] sell and make
[18:43] and
[18:44] build and buy all the equipment that we
[18:47] need to do the
[18:49] right certification and testing for that
[18:50] specific segment so we can cut a lot of
[18:53] overhead cost
[18:54] by doing it that way and i’ve already
[18:57] invested like 10k this year and another
[18:59] 10k next year
[19:01] on that sort of equipment to get this
[19:04] thing started
[19:05] so
[19:06] this will take
[19:08] a while
[19:09] but uh
[19:10] the end goal is that we basically if you
[19:13] have a product that you want to sell
[19:16] you just
[19:17] give us the info we can assess if you
[19:20] can sell it in the way that
[19:22] it is or if you have to make some
[19:24] changes and give you some guidance on
[19:26] what to change and how to approach that
[19:29] then you list it on our website and if
[19:32] it sells
[19:34] then we can distribute it directly so
[19:37] basically how it works is you list your
[19:38] items on the website
[19:40] if someone buys it then
[19:42] basically we give you the order you send
[19:45] it directly to the customer so
[19:47] in essence we buy it from you on demand
[19:49] and sell it onwards to the customer and
[19:52] if you have
[19:53] like the uh if you need to
[19:56] move bigger volumes you can basically
[19:59] ship it in back to us and we do the
[20:00] fulfillment ourselves and the same goes
[20:03] with
[20:04] the other services like the
[20:05] certification stuff if you need help
[20:06] with that basically you send in your
[20:09] stuff for uh for testing
[20:11] we do the compliance checks and the
[20:13] documentation
[20:14] and then you can sell it
[20:16] and for the uh
[20:18] some nice thing that we have because we
[20:21] also thought about uh digital products
[20:25] like i’ve
[20:26] done here some
[20:28] some like downloadable uh example things
[20:32] you can make stuff that is directly
[20:34] downloadable
[20:36] and a really nice feature is what if you
[20:38] made a mistake in your file what if you
[20:40] have an updated version like a bug fix
[20:43] or something else but you
[20:45] you can’t publicly host it because it’s
[20:47] like a paid stuff if you update the file
[20:51] on this product
[20:52] all the people that bought it will have
[20:55] the download link still available for
[20:57] them for the new version so you
[20:58] basically update stuff that has already
[21:01] been bought which is something that
[21:03] bothered
[21:04] some people i talked to
[21:06] on other platforms
[21:08] because you basically have to email out
[21:10] to every customer to give them an
[21:12] updated version so we do that
[21:14] automatically now and we also have stuff
[21:17] like grouped products which is also a
[21:19] thing that was really bugging me when
[21:22] you make like a thing that has options
[21:24] like you want the headers with it or the
[21:26] dev kit with your breakout or whatever
[21:29] you have combinations like uh if you buy
[21:31] a pioneer you can like order it with a
[21:34] compute module and then you have like
[21:36] stocks for the ones with and the ones
[21:38] without and then maybe you have
[21:40] different versions and it’s all
[21:41] like horrible to keep track of the stock
[21:43] in this case you basically make one
[21:45] product for the one listing for the
[21:47] pioneer one for every version of the cm4
[21:51] and a grouped product for each one of
[21:53] them so if somebody buys the grouped one
[21:55] all the stocks are kept track of
[21:58] yeah that’s very cool
[22:00] we try to make it a bit
[22:02] more better and i constantly say we but
[22:04] i’m pretty much the only one working on
[22:06] the platform actively right now but i
[22:08] have like advisors and people that will
[22:11] chime in some money if i reach some
[22:12] goals
[22:14] and
[22:15] we is
[22:16] especially important because uh on the
[22:19] discord is like a lot of makers chiming
[22:22] in and testing and reporting bugs and
[22:25] telling what they
[22:26] want to see and how things should work
[22:29] and it’s a group effort and we can only
[22:30] do that if we have the support of the
[22:32] community so i hope
[22:34] some people that watch that stream will
[22:36] join in the discord
[22:37] and that’s it for me thank you for
[22:40] giving me the time
[22:42] thank you that was brilliant
[22:44] it’s very exciting i’m quite looking
[22:45] forward to it because i’ve got a bunch
[22:46] of stuff that i want to sell
[22:48] and uh putting on tinder feels slightly
[22:51] dubious at the moment with v80
[22:53] especially in the uk with brexit making
[22:55] things even more complicated
[22:58] so
[22:58] i would have been get it live
[23:01] oh yeah brexit is horrible
[23:04] i can speak from experience if if
[23:06] somebody will do ce for you for free um
[23:10] throw your product at them
[23:12] yeah definitely
[23:13] yeah
[23:14] all right brilliant so uh becky
[23:17] volunteered to go next so hello
[23:20] you’ll hear me one
[23:24] uh
[23:25] how on earth sorry how on earth do you
[23:27] do a custom resin like is that something
[23:29] you
[23:30] have experience in or did you just go to
[23:31] someone and say like hey i need a resin
[23:33] with these properties please do uh well
[23:36] that’s a pretty complicated thing so
[23:37] first you basically need to know how the
[23:40] industry works a bit i have worked
[23:43] previously for a filament company
[23:45] and that company now also makes a resin
[23:49] and
[23:50] basically i
[23:52] asked them is it possible to make stuff
[23:55] like here’s my description of what i
[23:57] want basically i wanted to have liquid
[23:59] petg
[24:01] and
[24:01] is it possible to make this and the
[24:04] first answer was
[24:08] don’t know yet
[24:11] but we can look into some materials
[24:13] and then yeah they did and then then
[24:16] they came back to me you know what maybe
[24:18] this thing is possible
[24:20] and then it was like a back and forth
[24:22] with trying out test prints and stuff
[24:23] and then we had a material and then it
[24:25] had to be made printable so it’s like a
[24:28] pretty long complicated process
[24:30] especially for the
[24:31] the poor chemist that has to do all the
[24:34] testing and all the mixing so that was
[24:37] like a really big amount of work for
[24:40] them but they made it happen and then
[24:42] basically it was like a lot of user
[24:44] testing by me and stuff and then we
[24:47] basically had a product that was ready
[24:50] and then it was like a lot of paperwork
[24:52] and money involved to get this
[24:54] uh out to the people it’s
[24:57] like with chemical products that come a
[25:00] lot of
[25:01] regulation stuff yeah
[25:03] so
[25:04] the the hardest part is to do all the
[25:07] all the paperwork right and to be really
[25:09] sure that your product is up to spec and
[25:12] that you can
[25:13] constantly uh produce this like in a
[25:16] repeatable fashion the first batch of
[25:18] this is like
[25:20] gun
[25:21] it’s like that was like
[25:24] it’s really hard to make it exactly the
[25:27] same so like in the zero batch basically
[25:30] has gone to waste
[25:32] base batch zero uh the batch that should
[25:35] have been
[25:36] uh batch zero is now batch one
[25:39] so basically uh yeah
[25:41] it was a pretty hard to do but they now
[25:44] have like their own uh
[25:46] facilities for handling all the
[25:49] the chemicals that are a bit more
[25:52] difficult to handle
[25:53] and now basically the process is
[25:55] controlled uh from start to finish
[25:59] and i can also like quality test every
[26:01] single batch that goes out so if you buy
[26:04] one of these bottles i have personally
[26:06] tested that batch in that printer on
[26:08] that printer and that print and that
[26:10] printer
[26:11] so and we have profiles for all of them
[26:14] so you can be sure that is consistent
[26:17] but that’s like the hardest thing to do
[26:19] so if you want to make your own resin
[26:21] you can
[26:22] don’t underestimate it oh no no i was
[26:24] just curious i have no plans on doing
[26:26] that
[26:28] just seems like a very hard thing that’s
[26:29] why i was asking if you want to do
[26:31] something really easy go make an energy
[26:33] drink
[26:35] 30k next week you have your own energy
[26:37] drink it’s
[26:38] like that’s the easiest sure there’s
[26:40] someone alibaba for that yeah
[26:42] what’s the uh what’s the target sort of
[26:44] audience for it is it mostly kind of
[26:46] people making sort of engineering type
[26:49] stuff or is it for anyone sort of
[26:50] hobbyist basically it’s it has
[26:52] applications pretty much for everyone oh
[26:54] yeah that’s the best thing i don’t think
[26:56] you have seen it on the website but it’s
[26:58] like what is tough resin is usually
[27:01] pretty expensive
[27:03] and that is like
[27:04] really engineering great thing because
[27:06] you can machine that stuff and it’s
[27:08] like crazy tough um this costs 70 or
[27:12] 69.99 including tax per kilo
[27:16] that’s like half the price very good
[27:17] price
[27:18] yeah it’s half the price of the of the
[27:20] like uh yeah formlabs usually
[27:23] engineering tier stuff
[27:26] so maps i pay 180 i think for something
[27:28] somewhere comparable yeah yeah so they
[27:30] are very expensive pretty much
[27:32] i haven’t uh directly compared it to
[27:34] formless because i don’t have access to
[27:36] their materials and printers i mean i’ve
[27:39] used them a lot like from what you’ve
[27:41] shown like other form map stuff would
[27:43] have broken to be honest with like that
[27:44] tough resin and the gray pro
[27:47] yeah yeah you can i’m impressed
[27:51] there’s nothing
[27:52] oh i made uh
[27:54] maybe you guys know our sea crawlers
[27:57] like the little cars that go over
[27:59] uh over rocks and stuff like i drive one
[28:02] of those and i made like my replacement
[28:04] parts out of that stuff and usually you
[28:07] can break like aluminium parts and that
[28:09] stuff doesn’t break because it’s like it
[28:11] takes impacts really well
[28:15] that’s something that should i i should
[28:17] uh show when it’s completely finished
[28:19] but i like i’m currently designing my
[28:21] complete like
[28:23] the whole thing
[28:25] i’m like at
[28:27] 20 or so but someday i will have like a
[28:29] fully open source thing
[28:32] this time next year on the show
[28:35] maybe and it’s pretty much partially
[28:37] made from this stuff
[28:39] cool that is awesome
[28:41] all righty um no more questions from the
[28:43] audience so becky are you ready
[28:46] hello yes i’m here and ready and very
[28:49] delighted to have been invited thank you
[28:50] chris i always love coming on this show
[28:52] i’ve only hosted once i should host
[28:53] again
[28:56] um a secret santa project um i got
[29:00] invited to maker secret santa and the
[29:03] videos come out later in december and um
[29:05] i basically made eight projects in one
[29:07] project my um
[29:08] recipient is in uh not in the u.s and so
[29:11] i wanted to send a
[29:14] very new york experience so i chose to
[29:16] recreate
[29:17] a new york hot dog cart here’s a
[29:20] american girl doll umbrella that i
[29:22] dressed up with fabric and
[29:24] vinyl cut
[29:25] letters and i 3d printed and laser cut
[29:29] and enclosure i’ll share my screen to
[29:31] show you the i’m making two the first
[29:33] one is already in the mail and the
[29:34] second one is in parts on my desk so
[29:37] uh let’s see want to share my screen
[29:44] select window or screen entire screen is
[29:47] fine
[29:51] i don’t know i have to grant it in
[29:53] security and privacy settings so maybe
[29:55] that won’t work out um i can hold things
[29:57] up so i made this um the whole thing is
[29:59] like made out of laser acrylic and uh is
[30:03] um
[30:04] covered in this like vinyl sticky
[30:07] uh paper that i arted up with um
[30:10] some art that looks like a new york city
[30:12] hot dog cart art so you have like the
[30:14] pretzel with the american flag and the
[30:16] statue of liberty and then you have like
[30:18] the
[30:19] uh
[30:20] i have one over here that’s like best
[30:22] best uh best hot dog best new york hot
[30:25] dog but it’s the new york yankees logo
[30:27] you know stuff like that um
[30:29] the whole thing is like a rectangular
[30:30] box and the hot dog goes down a slide
[30:33] and it puts mustard and onion sauce on
[30:36] the hot dog
[30:37] so it smells it it looks beautiful it
[30:40] has the hot dog goes down a little ramp
[30:42] made of these um
[30:44] these bearing rollers i got from
[30:46] mcmaster so it’s like a
[30:48] as it goes down there’s a mechanism that
[30:51] um holds the
[30:53] mustard
[30:55] bottle
[30:56] the mustard bottle goes in like this and
[30:59] there’s two motors one here and one
[31:01] under here and the one down here makes
[31:03] the whole thing go back and forth to you
[31:05] know apply a zig zag of mustard and as
[31:08] the hot dog goes under it um this other
[31:11] motor up here is pulling on
[31:14] a little hook attached to the zip tie
[31:16] which like bends the bottle over the
[31:18] fulcrum and
[31:19] squirts out the mustard um it’s very
[31:22] messy as you might imagine i believe
[31:24] that is part of the point um and then
[31:26] this other mechanism i have is like a
[31:28] little trough that servo motor like dips
[31:31] uh spins it over to dip out the to spill
[31:34] out the onion sauce
[31:35] um
[31:36] and then the electronics part um i’ve
[31:39] got some audio i recorded i can hold up
[31:41] my speakers i’m using a um
[31:43] one of these audio fx boards and i
[31:45] recorded some audio in here and i’m
[31:47] holding up to the microphone from um
[31:50] times square
[31:54] and um so it’s like it’s like car
[31:56] talking and people talking with you know
[31:58] american accents and um i was just
[32:00] walking around
[32:02] and so that plays inside the box and
[32:04] then it also has uh what what hot dog
[32:06] cart would be complete without
[32:08] an led sign scrolling like the foods you
[32:11] can get
[32:12] all right so it’s right now because new
[32:14] york hot dog experience i have a little
[32:16] bit more work to do on the animations
[32:17] honestly um if that was if i had like
[32:20] another week to work on it i would the
[32:22] one that i sent away i would have made a
[32:23] couple more led animations um and also
[32:26] while i was building my office got so
[32:27] messy that i lost these i made these
[32:29] little polymer clay pretzels to go
[32:31] with the cart and like i put them in a
[32:33] bag and then my office became like a
[32:35] giant um pile of packing materials and i
[32:38] i couldn’t find them and uh so i found
[32:40] them when i cleaned up so they’re going
[32:42] in the video but unfortunately they
[32:44] didn’t make it into the package in the
[32:45] mail
[32:46] uh so yeah that’s the that’s the project
[32:49] 3d it’s 3d printed it has like it’s
[32:51] supposed to be arouse all of your senses
[32:54] because it like you can eat the hot dog
[32:56] and it smells like mustard and onions
[32:59] and it sounds like new york and it looks
[33:01] like a you know all that stuff but you
[33:03] do have to cook your own dog i googled
[33:05] like hot dog robots and
[33:07] uh they were all just like robot arms
[33:08] programmed to like pick up a dog and put
[33:11] it on a bun or put it on a plate and
[33:14] none of them decorated the hot dog so uh
[33:16] i figured and like the guy at the hot
[33:18] dog cart doesn’t cook the hot dog either
[33:20] really it’s just sitting in boiling
[33:21] water or hot water so he’s really it’s
[33:23] the new york hot dog experience the hot
[33:25] dog is already cooked and the mustard
[33:27] and the underground applied to it so i
[33:29] arranged for uh one of our other secret
[33:31] santa members to go drop off the
[33:33] perishables since i’m not sending
[33:35] buns and dogs
[33:37] across international
[33:38] borders but i did send the mustard and
[33:40] the onion sauce which are the the
[33:42] traditional so it doesn’t really have a
[33:44] custard bug
[33:45] yeah somebody wants to buy it
[33:48] i love it
[33:50] all the
[33:52] i am gonna make a tutorial so uh the
[33:55] assembled project is um it’s 20 inches
[33:57] long and it’s six inches wide and yes of
[33:59] course i used imperial units because
[34:01] that would be the american thing to do
[34:03] also i think it’s so funny that the
[34:05] appropriate umbrella that i found i was
[34:06] looking for like you know small umbrella
[34:08] model train umbrella too small like
[34:10] other you know all these other umbrella
[34:12] the american girl doll umbrella
[34:15] were is the perfect size and isn’t it
[34:17] funny that it has the word american in
[34:19] it and like the mustard has the word
[34:20] american on the bottle too so anyway i’m
[34:22] usually not this patriotic but um
[34:24] [Laughter]
[34:31] i’ve used all of my skills right we got
[34:32] vinyl cutting we had laser cutting 3d
[34:34] printing we got um some crafting we got
[34:36] some oh yeah because of the polymer clay
[34:38] we’ve got the electronics
[34:41] this this project has it all
[34:46] and so that’s why that’s the project i’m
[34:48] working on it’s my last project of the
[34:49] year
[34:50] um looking forward to doing a lot more
[34:52] projects in 2021 hosting makercast i
[34:54] mean 2022 oh my gosh 2021 has gone by so
[34:57] fast
[34:58] uh so yeah does anybody have any
[35:00] questions about my hot dog pot
[35:02] i haven’t recorded my my voice over yet
[35:04] so if y’all have questions about it that
[35:06] might inform my script
[35:07] [Laughter]
[35:10] i
[35:12] why
[35:13] i love it but what was the reason to
[35:16] like
[35:17] what like made you want to make contact
[35:24] i thought i outlined that in the
[35:25] beginning but i’ll
[35:27] i was invited to maker secret santa and
[35:30] the person that i drew is not in this
[35:32] country and so i decided to give them an
[35:34] um not only an american experience but a
[35:37] new york hot dog experience right okay
[35:45] [Laughter]
[35:47] i’m trying to share the love
[35:49] you you put so much attention to detail
[35:51] in this like yeah at what point did you
[35:53] think okay this is enough like how do
[35:55] you stop yourself from still did you
[35:58] hear me add features while i was
[35:59] presenting like
[36:01] the animations
[36:03] so i don’t really know when i had to
[36:05] stop in order to put it in the mail so
[36:07] it like could arrive on time but um it’s
[36:09] true that
[36:10] that there could be a version too with
[36:12] like even more features it’s quite a fun
[36:14] um canvas no the i was brainstorming
[36:16] with my friend stephanie who’s also a
[36:19] a creator on youtube and she the hot dog
[36:22] robot was her idea she was like you need
[36:24] to make a hotdog robot but we were
[36:25] brainstorming about american experiences
[36:28] we were like what american experience
[36:29] could i build and like hot dog cart was
[36:32] her idea so
[36:34] i’ll give her full credit but i then i
[36:35] took it and i ran with it and um and my
[36:37] friend ruby um an undergraduate
[36:40] mechanical engineering student at uc
[36:42] davis helped me with the um with some of
[36:44] the mechanisms since i’m not very motor
[36:46] inclined but um
[36:48] she really gave me a good boost so yeah
[36:50] do you actually like hot dogs how many
[36:52] hot dogs have you had to eat oh my gosh
[36:54] i do not really like hot dogs that much
[36:58] and i had to eat i had to eat one in in
[37:01] when i was like recording audio in times
[37:03] square i’m like of course i’m gonna get
[37:04] a hot dog um
[37:06] but i only had to eat half of it and my
[37:08] partner ate the other half of i’m not a
[37:10] huge like if i’m gonna get something at
[37:12] the cart it’s gonna be a pretzel i do
[37:14] love a big soft pretzel but i’m not a
[37:16] huge uh hot dog fan
[37:20] but it is i don’t hate it and it isn’t
[37:22] it’s very like you know new york food
[37:24] because i did choose the just mustards
[37:26] and just the onion sauce and the onion
[37:28] sauce is like this tomato base with
[37:30] onions in it and it’s like
[37:32] when you say i want onions on my hot dog
[37:35] here you get this like onion sauce with
[37:37] with tomato in it and so and the
[37:40] ketchup is a controversial ketchup was
[37:42] my stretch goal the uh to answer your
[37:43] question i stopped before ketchup
[37:46] because now i have the squeezing like
[37:47] yeah i could add a ketchup nozzle but
[37:49] apparently like a quarter of the
[37:51] population of the world thinks ketchup
[37:53] is a very inappropriate hot dog topping
[37:55] i i didn’t know that yeah i learned that
[37:57] yeah puts it on project because i like
[37:59] ketchup but apparently some people think
[38:00] it’s like too sweet and it it’s like for
[38:02] kids and it drowns out the flavor of the
[38:04] everything
[38:05] you you think it’s just sort of a
[38:07] mistake that’s that’s fantastic right
[38:09] and i so i knew from my research the
[38:11] ketchup was gonna be like touchy like
[38:13] controversial and i’m like okay well
[38:14] then like ketchup’s optional it’s
[38:17] definitely mustard and it must be
[38:18] working then maybe eventually i could
[38:19] add a ketchup you know optional ketchup
[38:22] um but yeah the thing has like uh the
[38:25] way you have to like prime the mustard
[38:27] there’s like i put two buttons on it and
[38:28] you have to manually advance the
[38:31] until it starts like coming out and then
[38:33] your hot dog goes through so
[38:34] the middle piece is like removable for
[38:36] our cleaning
[38:39] that is very well thought out super
[38:41] messy absolutely in a great way like
[38:43] it’s like
[38:46] yeah
[38:48] so this is one of my most favorite
[38:50] projects ever shown on omegacast like
[38:52] maybe the most favorite video coming out
[38:54] later this week i’m sorry i couldn’t um
[38:56] share my screen in a
[38:58] timely fashion uh in order to show you
[39:00] the the the did not take from the
[39:02] experience
[39:04] experience
[39:05] you’ll just have to subscribe and ring
[39:08] the bell to be notified when this video
[39:10] comes out later
[39:13] and uh what about relish where do we
[39:15] stand on relish
[39:16] it’s fine it sounds more of like a
[39:18] chicago topping to me
[39:23] right like isn’t the chicago dog is a
[39:24] very specific type of toppings
[39:27] right oh okay
[39:29] and it was quite amazing seeing your dog
[39:30] in the background as you were talking
[39:31] about hot dogs
[39:33] yeah we have one dog oh the other one
[39:34] was was um scratching at the door i
[39:36] should let him in yeah this is olive
[39:39] so cute
[39:41] all right brilliant well that was
[39:43] absolutely awesome i’m looking forward
[39:44] to that video because uh
[39:46] i want to see me too oh wait i still
[39:48] have to edit it oh yeah
[39:49] [Laughter]
[39:50] for you next year sometime then
[39:52] no no it’s coming out if they’re all all
[39:54] the major
[39:55] will come out together later in december
[39:57] all right awesome brilliant
[40:00] all right so
[40:01] next up we’ve got the electronic
[40:03] engineer aka mark so mark are you ready
[40:06] hopefully this will work i’ve got a lot
[40:08] of things to share so we’ll see if this
[40:10] actually works
[40:13] this is the
[40:14] this might be my last hosting session
[40:16] ever after this experience
[40:22] no problem
[40:24] so um actually um
[40:27] i will start telling a bit about what
[40:28] i’ve been up to because uh
[40:31] yeah it’s i’m
[40:32] actually new and new in this community
[40:34] and people might not know so just go and
[40:36] tell a little bit about what i’ve been
[40:38] doing so far and of course i’m going to
[40:40] share what i’m
[40:42] up to next
[40:43] and basically um
[40:46] everything started with a
[40:48] spectrum analyzer like the one here in
[40:50] the
[40:50] background nice yeah
[40:53] i’m wearing wearing a headset so it
[40:55] doesn’t respond to the microphone
[40:57] unless i i talk
[40:59] um
[41:01] there are several of those are available
[41:03] in youtube and i think it was a uh
[41:06] platinum as the one who
[41:08] who made it first
[41:10] and he made a great design and um
[41:14] i was thinking i want to rebuild it so i
[41:16] contacted him
[41:17] and actually his pcb
[41:20] was available for sale the problem was
[41:23] it came from i think
[41:24] malaysia or india and the shipping
[41:27] was extremely high it would cost me a
[41:29] porsche
[41:31] so
[41:32] that was the reason that i said well
[41:33] okay then i will make my own one
[41:36] um
[41:37] the only thing is um i have this this
[41:40] one rule whatever i build and share on
[41:43] youtube
[41:45] i will share open source
[41:46] um
[41:48] so other people can can build it and
[41:50] learn from it because that’s my goal i
[41:53] want to build things to learn from it
[41:55] so others can profit as well
[41:57] so i saw there was
[41:59] the first design and
[42:01] maybe you can share it chris it’s the
[42:03] photo that says pcb
[42:07] see the first one
[42:09] is the black one
[42:10] yes
[42:11] yeah this one so yeah there was a the
[42:14] first design and it was
[42:17] based on the same components as platinum
[42:20] used in this design it has an arduino
[42:23] um and then it has two you cannot see it
[42:25] here but two two
[42:27] spectrum analyzer chips called the msg
[42:30] eq7
[42:32] which is each is a seven band equalizer
[42:34] and it has a frequency board
[42:37] and
[42:38] the combination of those led to some
[42:40] troubles because
[42:42] the chip itself the msg
[42:45] well it’s hard to get ones uh not
[42:47] working um because there are a lot of
[42:50] fakes out there especially if you order
[42:51] them on like aliexpress i don’t know why
[42:54] i mean i don’t see the profit in it but
[42:56] apparently they like to uh
[42:58] to make them and they’re not working so
[43:01] it’s
[43:02] people who are up above my pcbs and
[43:05] start building
[43:06] and then
[43:07] contact me hey it’s not working and most
[43:09] of the time
[43:11] the troll was in those chips
[43:13] and then i told him to order original at
[43:15] mozart or digikey and
[43:18] everything worked fine
[43:20] and the same was with the frequency
[43:21] board the frequency board it’s uh it’s
[43:23] also a general thing
[43:25] it’s uh using a lot of projects but it
[43:27] has one
[43:30] big problem
[43:31] it’s it’s unforgiving if you if you
[43:33] short the output then it’s dead in the
[43:35] water oh there
[43:37] yeah so
[43:38] if you’re you’re measuring with an
[43:40] oscilloscope and
[43:41] you know how that works it’s
[43:44] very quick you make a mistake and
[43:46] shorted out the ground to the plane and
[43:49] then it’s over and done with
[43:51] which allowed me to a new design um that
[43:54] was was the
[43:56] fft analyzer i think i put a schematic
[43:59] there 4.1
[44:01] is that this one
[44:02] yeah that’s the one yeah yeah so i i
[44:05] just you know
[44:07] so i decided to throw out the critical
[44:10] components like the
[44:11] the analyzer chip and the frequency
[44:13] board and do it in fft directly
[44:17] because the esp has enough
[44:19] power for that
[44:20] so i redesigned it
[44:22] and i actually
[44:24] i have the boards here but you need to
[44:26] uh
[44:27] oh no just leave it open for me because
[44:29] it can tell you about it because this
[44:30] fft version um doesn’t only
[44:33] have the
[44:35] the pixel matrix like the one i’m using
[44:37] in the analyzer at the back of me
[44:40] um but also has the interface for the
[44:43] these hop 75 displays
[44:46] and that’s the one i use for this 64
[44:48] channel analyzer
[44:52] so it had a lot of improvements beside
[44:53] the critical compo components that were
[44:56] eliminated i also added the big display
[44:59] and at the moment this is the most
[45:00] popular
[45:02] design in my kidney store
[45:04] cool um
[45:06] you can you can close it
[45:08] right
[45:11] actually i have the pcb here
[45:13] this was uh this was the first one
[45:16] with the critical component the the
[45:19] frequency board and the
[45:20] let’s see here is the
[45:23] ah they’re not in it but here are the
[45:24] sockets for the
[45:26] msg uh
[45:27] circuits
[45:28] uh i replace it with this one oh well
[45:33] esp32 thank you
[45:40] um
[45:41] so basically um
[45:45] yeah like i said it was this is the one
[45:47] that’s uh
[45:48] what sells the most in my kidney store
[45:50] because it’s it’s easy to recreate you
[45:52] just order it
[45:54] the components are already pre-soldered
[45:56] except for the two-hole components
[45:58] about all the the
[46:00] smt components already on there so it’s
[46:03] it’s not hard to to complete it and you
[46:06] put the usb controller on it upload the
[46:08] sketch and you’re good to go
[46:12] um but still i wasn’t pleased actually
[46:16] and it was nice
[46:18] and i also did a comparison between the
[46:21] the board with the
[46:23] analyzer chips and the fft algorithm i
[46:27] made a comparison between the two and
[46:28] although it looks nice
[46:30] you can still see that the analog design
[46:33] reacts a bit smoother than the
[46:35] the
[46:37] fft version
[46:39] because the fft version has to deal with
[46:42] noise and harmonics and
[46:45] especially at the higher band
[46:46] frequencies that
[46:47] it was not as nice so
[46:50] i decided to combine best of both worlds
[46:53] so
[46:54] i’m making a redesign and it’s uh
[46:58] the sketch is ready the hardware is
[46:59] ready and now i’m writing the
[47:00] documentation
[47:02] it’s a wow
[47:03] it’s a whole new board
[47:05] and special about this one is this part
[47:09] if you put up the schematic for analog
[47:12] analyzer if you would yes
[47:15] um
[47:16] it’s here actually this is the back end
[47:18] this is actually the analyzer it’s a
[47:21] good old-fashioned analog analyzer so i
[47:24] created 10 uh
[47:26] filters band filters
[47:29] each for the other set frequency
[47:32] i mentioned here what it’s too small to
[47:33] see is is not that important
[47:36] actually it’s the standard frequencies
[47:39] for analysis
[47:41] and
[47:42] the front end again is an esp32 so
[47:45] after having an analog
[47:48] result i process it
[47:50] well not really digital but i i sort of
[47:52] translate it into two bars
[47:55] into the number of flats that light up
[47:58] um
[48:00] the good thing about the esp2 is it’s
[48:02] well it’s for this circuit it’s a lot of
[48:04] overkill
[48:06] probably a tiny arduino would have done
[48:08] the trick
[48:09] because
[48:10] there is no fft anymore
[48:12] but i use the power to
[48:16] to use a web interface
[48:19] and basically what i what i do beside
[48:21] the analog
[48:24] analysis showing it on on the lat or
[48:29] matrix i also do a web interface that
[48:31] shows the
[48:33] the analysis live and the other day i i
[48:37] uploaded a video where i did only that
[48:40] it’s a very quick project you can just
[48:42] get your esp32 upload the sketch and
[48:45] hook up your audio and you’re good to go
[48:47] and the web interface
[48:49] will show it i have a little video of
[48:51] that somewhere
[48:55] [Music]
[48:56] let’s just skip forward
[49:00] and goes up this is
[49:03] 24
[49:04] 16
[49:06] and it goes up to 64 cals
[49:09] wow
[49:09] [Music]
[49:11] yeah the
[49:13] the reason why i did this first project
[49:15] was i was curious to see if
[49:18] well if the esp is fast enough
[49:21] sure but the web interface itself would
[49:23] be fast enough to to do a refi fresh so
[49:26] that
[49:27] you can still see the
[49:29] graphics go smoothly
[49:31] and to my surprise to my surprise it
[49:33] turned out it’s way faster than i
[49:35] expected i even had to slow it down
[49:38] it’s so fast it’s chaotic
[49:40] [Music]
[49:43] you already see it it’s a bit like uh
[49:45] like hectic because it’s too fast
[49:48] and this is with a slow motion in
[49:52] it again
[49:58] and the good part is because it’s a web
[50:00] interface you can just
[50:01] take any device your iphone your ipad
[50:04] your computer
[50:05] and display it
[50:07] [Music]
[50:08] yeah very nice
[50:10] what you see here sometimes it’s it’s
[50:12] stuck it’s like it freezes up
[50:15] and what happened there is that uh
[50:17] whenever the wifi was interrupted
[50:20] it stopped so
[50:22] i changed the firmware now that’s fixed
[50:24] i put it on the other core so i use one
[50:26] core for the
[50:28] for the the lats and the other core is
[50:31] dedicated to this
[50:32] web interface
[50:36] and because it was a success i also
[50:38] implemented that in the uh in the new
[50:40] pcb and the firmware
[50:42] to show both
[50:44] and i hope to get to get it ready
[50:46] anytime soon
[50:47] the hardware is basically ready like i
[50:49] said i’m doing the documentation now and
[50:51] of course i have to do the prototype and
[50:54] for that i have to order some acrylic
[50:56] and some laser cutting
[50:59] which is another project of mine by the
[51:00] way
[51:01] i’m still working on it
[51:03] i started building my own laser cutter
[51:05] like two years ago
[51:07] and i’m not really in a hurry to finish
[51:10] it
[51:10] and
[51:12] it’s one of those projects you know it’s
[51:14] under the category hmm
[51:16] um nice would i be able to do it and
[51:20] can i learn from it and and yeah well
[51:24] turns out i’m not the first one to build
[51:25] it so
[51:27] fortunately there are a lot of
[51:28] good examples there so i basically um
[51:34] bought some plans online and started
[51:35] building it
[51:37] and the good thing is at my workplace my
[51:40] employer has a big laser cutter so
[51:42] i can use it anytime that’s why i’m not
[51:44] in a hurry but it’s good to have one at
[51:46] home but you know when time comes
[51:49] it’s not a high priority project but i’m
[51:51] still going to finish it and i hope
[51:53] to to have the first video out there
[51:55] somewhere in the
[51:57] january february maybe
[52:00] and another thing i’m working on is
[52:04] it’s again a tesla coil it’s one of
[52:06] those projects like i said can i do it
[52:08] let’s find out
[52:09] um
[52:11] when i started working on tesla coils it
[52:13] was a funny story somebody and an old
[52:15] classmate contacted me and said hey mark
[52:18] i saw something on tv there was this guy
[52:20] who
[52:22] who made things levitate and
[52:26] make things move on a table with high
[52:28] voltage and i said what what’s that so
[52:30] that’s dangerous you cannot do that
[52:32] so
[52:33] it was nonsense of course but he didn’t
[52:35] feel up to it at the time
[52:36] but i saw thinking well maybe it’s a
[52:38] good idea to to you know to to master it
[52:40] or to get to know it
[52:42] so i started uh experimenting with it
[52:44] built my first test circle and i have a
[52:46] lot of help from some uh some local guys
[52:48] here
[52:50] um there was a
[52:53] your own acid bite also a youtuber
[52:56] he helped me and i’m a direct contact if
[52:59] i need some help with him
[53:00] and basically my first design
[53:04] that was funny um because i i
[53:07] build acrylic housing
[53:09] um i think i have a photo of that let me
[53:12] share
[53:14] [Music]
[53:24] i knew where this was going
[53:30] i think it’s going there now
[53:33] photo
[53:35] can you share it yeah one sec
[53:40] this
[53:48] it’s a big acrylic housing and here if
[53:50] you can see it there’s a little image of
[53:52] the the coil
[53:54] supposedly well
[53:56] it looks like a uterus actually
[54:00] and the funny story is it was but i like
[54:02] the photo so much and it looked like a
[54:04] coil because it has this little coil on
[54:06] the side
[54:07] but the name of the coil it was my first
[54:09] coil ever built
[54:11] and after it saw its first spark i
[54:14] called it the virgin spark
[54:17] and i have a video of that actually
[54:19] that’s the other one let’s try if
[54:22] drums is gonna work
[54:26] you’re gonna get a spark just try
[54:30] maybe
[54:31] i think the resolution is too high for
[54:33] this stream yeah
[54:36] [Music]
[54:50] that’s amazing
[54:52] yeah actually it’s it’s after this i i
[54:55] blew up another circuit and it’s one of
[54:58] those projects where you’re working on
[54:59] it and you think
[55:00] oh i want to try this and i want to try
[55:02] this and i want to optimize it oh what
[55:04] if i do this shoot that were my
[55:07] semiconductors
[55:09] and then i said shoot i wish i shot the
[55:11] video first and then started
[55:13] experimenting but
[55:14] you know it’s too late so that’s why the
[55:16] video is not out yet i have to fix it
[55:18] again
[55:19] start over
[55:20] because every time you you fix on this
[55:22] you have to tune it again and
[55:25] exactly it’s fun but it’s time consuming
[55:27] yeah
[55:28] and um you know let’s just stop it
[55:32] um another another two videos i’m going
[55:35] to do that’s that’s about it um for now
[55:38] um
[55:39] on the internet i bought this um
[55:42] network analyzer
[55:45] it’s a very small it’s a it’s called
[55:47] nano
[55:48] dna and you could buy it at aliexpress
[55:51] for under 20 euro
[55:53] and actually i’m going to do a tutorial
[55:56] video on how to use it specifically for
[55:58] tesla coils
[55:59] because the thing was tesla coils it’s
[56:01] an open circuit
[56:02] the one side of the coil is is in your
[56:05] ear is in the air it’s a top load
[56:07] and still you want to know the resonant
[56:09] frequency and this device is perfect for
[56:11] it and it’s spot-on
[56:13] it’s uh really like
[56:15] hers and the man if you you touch the
[56:16] coil you come near it you see it changed
[56:18] it’s it’s perfect
[56:20] i’m going through the tutorial tutorial
[56:21] on that that’s nice
[56:23] and another one
[56:25] is my soldering station
[56:28] doesn’t look familiar to any of you
[56:32] yeah it looks like the one that i paid
[56:34] 500 for
[56:35] yeah like tbc
[56:38] yeah it is
[56:39] but it’s not this is actually
[56:40] uh
[56:42] yeah gbc is original but this is uh a
[56:45] clone it’s an aliexpress clone
[56:47] i mean i bought it for
[56:49] i think i bought it for 130 euro and i
[56:51] had some i had to pay some uh some tax
[56:54] wouldn’t arrive here
[56:55] um but it’s um less than half the price
[56:59] from the original and i compared because
[57:01] i work i have the jbc so i opened both
[57:03] up and did a comparison inside to see
[57:05] how solid is it and well i can tell you
[57:08] they copied it very nicely
[57:10] okay don’t expect that’s right
[57:12] yeah
[57:14] especially the tips they’re saying
[57:17] things like that
[57:19] it’s like oh it’s going to get hot i
[57:20] don’t i want to make sure that that’s
[57:22] engineered well
[57:23] this is well this is one of those uh
[57:25] soldier irons when you turn on the
[57:27] switch
[57:28] or you can’t hold it it’s like two
[57:29] seconds is on temperature
[57:31] um
[57:32] wow so i’m going to do a video on that
[57:35] which remind me um
[57:38] doing all this open source project also
[57:39] has a downside but i guess you guys
[57:41] already know this and some of you know
[57:44] experience it
[57:45] um when you start browsing in aliexpress
[57:47] you find all kinds of things and at some
[57:49] point you say hey i know that that’s
[57:51] mine
[57:54] so
[57:55] that’s that’s one of those things but i
[57:56] don’t mind because it’s open source and
[57:58] yeah sure but that’s a downside that’s
[58:00] that’s actually that’s one of the
[58:01] reasons why i don’t share my pick and
[58:03] place file
[58:06] i share all the all the info i share my
[58:08] my gerber files you can order the print
[58:10] but i’m not picking place if you want
[58:11] that there well that’s the one thing i
[58:13] didn’t that’s still the one thing i i
[58:15] can keep for myself to you know
[58:18] make people buy my pcb
[58:20] circuits somehow
[58:24] that’s really cool you have a lot of
[58:26] projects on the go
[58:27] oh and there’s there’s there’s one more
[58:29] actually
[58:30] yeah
[58:31] it’s more like like a question for for
[58:34] anyone who’s watching okay um one of you
[58:37] yeah yeah sure
[58:38] one of you mentioned the practical
[58:40] engineer it’s emil
[58:42] and it’s a dutch dutch engineer and he
[58:45] made this um banana for scale
[58:48] that you see there’s some youtubers they
[58:50] like to put a banana to the project
[58:54] what the heck is that why is there
[58:55] always a banana in screen and i i asked
[58:57] him he said well don’t you know it it’s
[58:59] a banana for scale just browse it you’ll
[59:01] find it yeah it’s a banana for scale and
[59:04] actually this is his design
[59:06] thanks to you he shared it with me
[59:08] um
[59:09] on the recognition that i don’t share it
[59:11] it just was just for me for a one-time
[59:13] project i did
[59:14] um
[59:15] but i also promised to do something
[59:17] special with it and actually my first
[59:19] idea was to put a
[59:21] power detector in it
[59:23] um
[59:24] like you can use to to
[59:27] find wires
[59:29] turns out to be a bit more more tricky
[59:31] than uh
[59:35] it’s a very strong mental image of
[59:36] someone going with a banana through
[59:38] their hands
[59:39] yeah exactly
[59:40] so my my question is to anyone watching
[59:43] if you have any ideas on
[59:45] what to do with this to make it special
[59:47] to put some electronics inside i don’t
[59:49] know maybe an asb-32 that does i don’t
[59:51] know some fruit miser so please let me
[59:54] know
[59:54] and see what i can do there i would not
[59:56] ask anyone on my
[59:59] because i know what they’re channel
[60:02] that’s actually that’s that’s all for
[60:04] now so
[60:05] that was absolutely amazing
[60:07] unbelievable that is round of applause
[60:16] yeah what do you have to show us
[60:19] um
[60:20] i am
[60:21] being very repetitive this year with the
[60:23] megacast and this will be the very last
[60:26] time i will
[60:28] because this marks the anniversary
[60:31] of x pretty much exactly one year ago i
[60:34] was only making cast where blizz was
[60:36] hosting and
[60:38] this is not bliss with city dubai
[60:41] and i was showing off this rendering
[60:44] cad model not very complete cad model it
[60:46] was like a
[60:48] sneak peek of a prototype i was working
[60:50] on um the complete module 4 from
[60:52] raspberry pi just came out
[60:55] and
[60:57] yeah as some of you know this uh is
[60:59] pioneer at least a very very early
[61:01] version of that
[61:03] and
[61:04] um
[61:07] going back here just want to show that
[61:09] first um
[61:11] yeah like two weeks like a week later or
[61:13] so like my
[61:15] pcb arrived
[61:18] and uh
[61:20] that focuses that was the first
[61:22] prototype of it
[61:25] and
[61:27] i’m going over it once more again i’m
[61:28] sure i’ve talked about it
[61:30] already but
[61:32] i made this after
[61:35] scott from
[61:37] adafruit made a comment um after a
[61:39] stream that
[61:40] somebody should make should make a
[61:42] carrier um
[61:43] for the compute module four in an
[61:44] arduino udo form factor or metro
[61:46] whatever um
[61:48] and i thought was like first of like i
[61:50] have a weird idea why would you do that
[61:53] um
[61:54] but it kind of stuck with me um and yeah
[61:58] i made this because
[62:00] while i was working on that i just
[62:02] i noticed how actually
[62:04] it fits quite well in the form factor
[62:06] and it’s very compact you still have all
[62:08] of the stuff like hdmi usb and um
[62:12] yeah i posted that to twitter and that
[62:14] was very
[62:15] [Music]
[62:16] popular um we have also piece express on
[62:18] the back camera connector
[62:21] most of the important peripherals except
[62:22] for ethernet because that just does not
[62:24] fit
[62:26] and yeah um
[62:28] i don’t know for some reason i decided
[62:30] to
[62:31] start a company after
[62:33] that was quite
[62:35] well received
[62:36] the company is called diode still light
[62:39] i found that in the end of 2020
[62:43] in the middle of a pandemic and i did
[62:45] not know it at that point and very
[62:47] shortly before chip shortage
[62:49] so probably the worst timing ever to
[62:51] start a company
[62:54] but in the end it worked out but it
[62:57] has been a struggle
[63:01] like a couple months later um then did
[63:04] the crowd supply campaign like yeah i
[63:05] make a whole product out of this um
[63:08] always been wanting to do that like i
[63:10] always had like private ideas and stuff
[63:11] like that but
[63:13] in order to actually do that you need
[63:14] kind of a company
[63:16] i was
[63:17] always a bit iffy about that because
[63:19] it’s work and
[63:20] i was not sure if i wanted to do that
[63:22] work
[63:24] it kind of pushed me to do it
[63:27] which i’m grateful for but it was also a
[63:29] very stressful year
[63:32] i’m not surprised yeah
[63:34] yeah um
[63:36] and
[63:37] yeah that went well we’ve got funded and
[63:40] then i got into production
[63:42] um
[63:44] and i somehow managed to source all the
[63:46] components um in time and um
[63:51] and we have the
[63:53] final board
[63:54] which looks like this
[63:58] quickly overview of the features so this
[64:00] has full-size hdmi usb-a usb-c
[64:03] you can switch with this little
[64:05] switch over here between the usb-c and
[64:08] the usb-a for the data
[64:10] so this can be a usb host device or usb
[64:14] device yeah um
[64:16] and the intention behind that is um i’m
[64:19] a big fan of circuit python and
[64:22] the workflow that it offers for like
[64:24] norm like microcontroller dev ports
[64:27] and i kind of wanted to bring that
[64:29] experience to like the linux world with
[64:31] this
[64:32] um
[64:33] i’m still kind of working on software
[64:34] because i had to like kind of push that
[64:37] to the end of this but um the whole
[64:39] production is hard but
[64:41] it kind of works um you can like hook
[64:43] this up to your computer like it does
[64:45] not need that much power like usb 3
[64:47] totally works out like i didn’t really
[64:48] pass um
[64:51] and it pops up as a serial device usb
[64:53] mass storage and all that sort of stuff
[64:55] and um
[64:57] yeah it can technically enable a very
[64:59] similar workflow to circuit 5 may just
[65:02] like copy over from your computer um
[65:04] some files and it will start executing
[65:06] them and you have a zero port where you
[65:08] can have a linux console
[65:11] um
[65:12] yeah so essentially like bringing like
[65:14] this rapid electronics prototyping
[65:15] workflow to like a linux platform um so
[65:19] you have also
[65:20] analog to digital converter over here
[65:22] so you can do some measurements with
[65:24] that um
[65:25] a quick connector for ice cream c stuff
[65:28] um a little button on the back here um a
[65:32] little button
[65:33] over here and
[65:35] gpid
[65:38] on the back we have camera
[65:41] and m2 for pisa express like i can put
[65:44] an ssd in here or
[65:46] if you want ethernet usb3
[65:49] 232 in the bazillion times um if you
[65:51] want that there’s some funky pc express
[65:54] devices out there
[65:56] and if you’re really really hacky you
[65:58] can also solder a sim card connector on
[66:00] here
[66:01] and do like lte stuff
[66:04] so
[66:05] i try to get as much features as part of
[66:06] this as possible into this small form
[66:08] factor um
[66:11] yeah it it’s it’s i don’t think it’s
[66:13] possible to put more on it
[66:15] i exhausted all the options it actually
[66:16] uses all of the ios that are available
[66:19] on the compute module and sorry for
[66:21] those who don’t know what that is
[66:23] it’s basically a pi 4 in uh
[66:26] yeah in this form factor so you can like
[66:27] make your own
[66:29] pi 4 essentially like same processor
[66:30] same everything
[66:32] just without all of the
[66:34] typical connectors let me insert that
[66:36] here
[66:41] so that goes on here and then yeah
[66:43] that’s like the whole form factor of it
[66:46] if you want it also comes with a
[66:48] heatsink if you like to i don’t know
[66:50] machine learning whatever but that takes
[66:52] a lot of cpu power
[66:53] and runs hot but generally you don’t
[66:55] necessarily need it
[66:59] and this thing around here is like a
[67:00] little little protector that i made for
[67:02] people to print um
[67:05] but yeah if you buy it you get little
[67:07] high rubber feeds that also work out
[67:13] uh yeah
[67:14] that’s what i’ve been working on for a
[67:16] year it’s now shipping on crowd supply
[67:18] uh mauser
[67:20] i’m soon following
[67:21] exactly the same company but yeah in the
[67:23] mother system it will soon pop up
[67:24] hopefully
[67:27] now they’re also like compatible modules
[67:29] pog me up so this is the pine forest
[67:32] soap warts i think so like a lot more
[67:34] companies will make like yeah modules
[67:36] for this form factor um
[67:39] i’m personally also working on some so i
[67:40] want to make a
[67:42] for the rp2040 um chip that’s on the
[67:45] raspberry pi pico i want to make a
[67:48] um a sum for that to make a whole
[67:51] a bit of a meta thing you know like the
[67:53] small pie goes into the carrier board
[67:54] for the big pie okay let’s grab mine
[67:57] then
[68:00] i’m sorry
[68:02] go ahead
[68:07] it’s mostly done so yeah i will reset
[68:09] soon at least the files um but yeah we
[68:12] can you can do hmi with the pico but
[68:14] that’s why i found it funny because you
[68:15] can actually use the hdmi port on here
[68:17] with the micro controller um
[68:19] yeah i find it
[68:21] not a fun thing
[68:23] i kind of actually better bait that
[68:24] already um it’s that’s my factory tester
[68:27] to
[68:28] test pioneer
[68:30] um use the pico to like check for
[68:33] shorted signals test the adc test lds
[68:35] like the peripherals and stuff like that
[68:38] that’s something i hacked together
[68:40] very shortly before the production ended
[68:42] because i was not
[68:45] intending to make one because um
[68:48] yeah
[68:49] i don’t go into the detail but yeah very
[68:50] short quick hack to make a production um
[68:53] tester with that
[68:56] um
[68:57] yeah that’s it really i would connect if
[68:59] somebody wants to know you splashing the
[69:01] passion buying gold-plated stuff
[69:05] yeah sorry the collectors on your board
[69:07] are they gold-plated
[69:09] um
[69:10] which which one do you mean
[69:12] you just showed your factory um
[69:15] oh uh
[69:17] no i think or i’m sure you can you mean
[69:20] that on the back here
[69:22] well the front
[69:23] looks very shiny anyway
[69:25] all right that’s from the uh from the
[69:27] pico here that has like cancellated gold
[69:28] pads
[69:32] very cool a very great board for making
[69:33] testers actually because you can
[69:36] fix a lot of things in software that you
[69:37] can’t normally do and with other
[69:38] microcontrollers and that saves my part
[69:45] all right
[69:46] yeah and pretty much exactly congrats on
[69:48] this major achievement like wow thank
[69:51] you
[69:52] very much and you just yeah
[69:55] if anybody’s watching is it curious what
[69:57] it’s like to make a product
[69:59] it takes that long
[70:01] yeah amazingly stressful the thing is
[70:04] like making so like the first prototype
[70:07] it’s it’s like 95 percent the same
[70:08] features like it changed from four leds
[70:10] to one led and added a button but like
[70:13] this is like pretty much feature
[70:15] complete um
[70:17] it took me three days
[70:19] making the product took a year
[70:22] design is the fun and easy part to some
[70:25] degree depending on what you do
[70:29] everything else is uh
[70:32] if you if you have companies that take
[70:34] work of you pay them it’s money well
[70:36] spent
[70:38] um it’s like five or six different jobs
[70:40] you have to do all at once and uh if you
[70:42] do a full-time job at the same time as
[70:45] me
[70:47] it’s a lot
[70:49] it’s pretty much the personification of
[70:51] the 80 20 rule
[70:54] yeah
[70:54] like put in 20 80 is done and then you
[70:57] take forever for the last 20 percent
[71:01] sure yeah it’s a lot of like building
[71:03] relationships um talking to people
[71:06] paperwork certifications
[71:08] compliance testing
[71:10] yeah
[71:14] so clem will solve them and then you can
[71:16] just tap into his ex oh i really hope he
[71:18] would have if he would solve half of my
[71:20] shoes yep for sure yeah i really hope we
[71:23] can pull this off
[71:25] yeah you can do it
[71:28] brilliant well i think it’s pretty
[71:30] impressive
[71:31] that’s amazing and you’re still going so
[71:33] that’s even more amazing so
[71:35] yeah it’s really nice like little past
[71:37] two weeks like see people like post on
[71:38] twitter like i don’t know someone in
[71:40] japan posts something about it and like
[71:42] it’s just all of the world now and like
[71:44] people use it
[71:45] it’s a very good feeling
[71:47] really cool yeah
[71:50] all right
[71:51] see ya are you ready closing out the
[71:54] show i’m as ready as i’ll ever be
[71:57] excellent i will make you the um
[72:00] participant man oh god
[72:02] um
[72:06] i i totally feel timon spain like
[72:09] i started winter bloom in
[72:12] march of 2020.
[72:14] literally
[72:15] standing
[72:17] right on the edge of the pandemic
[72:20] [Music]
[72:21] not a good idea
[72:23] yeah i feel you
[72:25] i mean i knew and still did it like i
[72:27] wasn’t even dumber
[72:28] oh my god
[72:30] yeah it’s just like
[72:32] i think a month later i was like wow um
[72:35] i don’t know if this is gonna work out
[72:37] it’s like honestly the fact that i’m
[72:39] still open is just amazing
[72:41] yeah absolutely you did really well
[72:44] yeah um
[72:45] so yeah i i’ve been working on a bunch
[72:47] of stuff i
[72:49] um
[72:50] i closed uh so i stopped selling
[72:53] or stopped fulfilling orders for the
[72:55] year two weeks ago just in time for me
[72:58] to start
[72:59] seven other projects which is great
[73:02] um
[73:02] but yeah um
[73:04] one of the things that i did and klim
[73:06] actually reminded me that i did this
[73:08] because i had completely forgotten
[73:10] um i made some new website
[73:12] um
[73:15] and
[73:17] yeah
[73:18] that was hard
[73:21] so this is our new website
[73:24] um
[73:26] i don’t know how to actually make it
[73:27] visible but i’m sharing my screen chris
[73:29] if you want to do that
[73:30] yep
[73:32] um
[73:33] yeah we were previously using
[73:35] squarespace and i hated it like it’s
[73:38] great for like if you have like a super
[73:40] generic thing and you just need to get
[73:42] off the ground and you want to pay
[73:43] somebody five dollars a month go for it
[73:45] but since our products are so niche and
[73:47] they have like
[73:49] such weird
[73:51] things that i need to tell everybody
[73:52] about
[73:53] i i needed something else and so i did
[73:56] this with about two months
[73:58] um
[73:59] and this is completely custom it’s
[74:00] running on
[74:02] um a small server it’s running python um
[74:06] it’s
[74:07] it’s all good stuff but it gives me this
[74:09] ability to
[74:11] put these like this information on the
[74:12] side here where it’s like okay here’s
[74:14] the manual here’s the kit
[74:16] it’s open source you can click that just
[74:17] to jump right into
[74:19] github
[74:20] if you want to do that um and then also
[74:23] like all of the reviews and
[74:25] demos and everything are right there
[74:26] underneath so
[74:28] i’m really really happy with how this
[74:30] turned out and
[74:32] yeah it’s been it’s been a
[74:34] it’s been a lot of work but it’s been
[74:36] worth it
[74:37] um
[74:39] so yeah that’s that’s been cool um
[74:43] but let me show you some hardware i’ve
[74:45] been hacking on so i’m gonna switch to
[74:47] my other camera
[74:50] my other microphone
[74:54] i promise this will work
[75:00] okay
[75:11] can you also hear me
[75:12] yeah yep
[75:14] awesome
[75:15] okay
[75:16] so
[75:17] here’s some stuff i’ve been working on
[75:19] i
[75:21] recently finished um going through the
[75:23] whole production process for this
[75:24] product
[75:25] which is um
[75:27] it’s a little speaker basically
[75:30] um
[75:31] and it’s excellent this is just a bunch
[75:33] of them in one case because
[75:35] um
[75:36] why not i wanted to show off all the
[75:38] knob colors so
[75:41] um
[75:42] but so
[75:44] this is our most popular product or
[75:45] sorry our second most popular product
[75:47] it’s called the big hawking button
[75:49] it runs in python
[75:51] it’s open source everything everything
[75:53] we do is open source
[75:54] um
[75:55] and it’s really just delightful because
[75:58] you can take it you can plug it in
[76:01] and then you can hit it
[76:05] it’s just amazing
[76:06] so this module paired with our new
[76:09] speaker module is just
[76:11] it’s just fantastic
[76:14] um
[76:15] why
[76:16] i love it
[76:18] because it runs me
[76:20] because it runs circuit python it can
[76:22] actually do a lot more than it looks
[76:24] like it can do
[76:25] um because it’s actually a sample player
[76:27] right like it can do sample playback
[76:29] um
[76:31] like
[76:32] one of the things i actually use it for
[76:33] my real setup is drums so you can
[76:36] actually put drum clips on it and then
[76:38] you can use some of the other other
[76:39] inputs on here to control which drum
[76:42] sound gets played
[76:43] so um
[76:45] there’s a lot of really useful things
[76:46] like that that it can do i am
[76:49] astonished though at how many people buy
[76:51] it and just leave the honk on there
[76:54] it is
[76:55] it is amazing
[76:57] um
[76:59] yeah some people buy too and i’m like
[77:01] okay
[77:02] all right
[77:05] as a gift hello
[77:07] yeah
[77:10] um
[77:11] but so i was going to show you all the
[77:12] this is the prototype for that speaker
[77:15] module um
[77:16] this was one of the more like
[77:18] mechanically complicated things that we
[77:20] had to do
[77:21] um
[77:22] it has like these two separate circuit
[77:24] boards because this jack is really deep
[77:27] um
[77:28] and of course the whole speaker assembly
[77:30] and everything
[77:31] and actually had to pick out knobs for
[77:33] the first time
[77:35] so i bought
[77:37] i think
[77:38] 110 different kinds of knobs
[77:44] and so now i have like a bin full of
[77:46] knobs in my room that i’m just
[77:48] not using but i settled on these because
[77:51] i just i love them they’re very pretty
[77:53] um
[77:54] yeah so we actually
[77:56] got these manufactured and
[77:59] um i got macro fab
[78:01] to do pink pcbs for the first time
[78:05] apparently i was the first person to
[78:06] ever ask for this so
[78:09] um
[78:10] yeah we got pink ones yeah
[78:13] um
[78:14] speaking of pink pcbs i also got pcb way
[78:17] to do pink pcbs
[78:19] for another product i just finished up
[78:21] and so this is a whole panel for a
[78:23] product
[78:24] and
[78:25] their pink is a little different but i i
[78:28] love them both i i want more pink pcbs
[78:31] in the world
[78:32] please
[78:34] um
[78:35] i feel they’re becoming a big thing at
[78:36] the moment a lot of people doing pink
[78:39] i hope so like
[78:41] i’m i’m here for it like everybody get
[78:43] on the bandwagon so that i can get more
[78:46] pink stuff
[78:48] so but the really fun thing that i’ve
[78:50] been working on is this monster
[78:53] so
[78:54] i know steven was on last week and he
[78:57] has i think he had he bought the same
[78:59] like pre-built one that i have
[79:02] um but we have gone completely different
[79:04] directions with it um
[79:07] so
[79:09] all the brown stuff is like the pre-made
[79:12] stuff
[79:13] um and i’ve replaced everything else
[79:16] basically like all the acrylic pieces
[79:18] are new laser-cut pieces that i made
[79:20] um these little blue things here i had
[79:23] to replace those because
[79:25] um this is made as cheaply as possible
[79:28] so like all the screws are
[79:30] self-tapping screws so after you take
[79:32] things apart a few times it no longer
[79:34] really wants to stay together
[79:36] um
[79:38] but um
[79:39] i also have this
[79:42] backside and this is not done but this
[79:44] is this is what connects to all of our
[79:47] instruments
[79:48] so this whole thing is built to help me
[79:50] test
[79:51] all of our products um because we
[79:53] actually
[79:54] while we outsource the surface mount
[79:56] stuff we do the final assembly here
[79:59] and um that includes programming and
[80:01] testing so um yeah this big boy
[80:05] does all of that
[80:07] and
[80:07] [Music]
[80:08] it’s almost working which is just
[80:10] incredible
[80:11] um
[80:12] but what’s really cool about it is
[80:14] there’s this motherboard that stays on
[80:16] it
[80:17] and it’s reusable
[80:18] and
[80:19] i have these like kind of like shields
[80:22] that go on top of it that actually have
[80:24] the
[80:25] spring loaded pins that connect to the
[80:27] boards to be tested so there’s like a
[80:29] couple of different ones
[80:31] for different products
[80:33] which is super super cool
[80:35] and yeah when you want to test something
[80:37] you just
[80:39] put this on there
[80:42] and actually turn it on
[80:45] and i’m going to take this little board
[80:47] here and yeah you just
[80:49] stick it in here
[80:51] and then you
[80:52] pull down the lever and you can turn it
[80:54] on
[80:55] and this one has lights on it so you can
[80:57] actually see that it’s on
[80:59] um
[81:00] but i can actually make it run through
[81:02] the test
[81:04] and you’ll probably hear my multimeter
[81:06] clicking in the background as it takes
[81:08] um measurements
[81:10] yeah it’s it’s doing all the
[81:12] measurements now and yeah once it does
[81:15] that it’s it’s done
[81:16] um
[81:18] this is super helpful for me because
[81:21] before we
[81:23] we kind of had to make a test fixture
[81:24] for everything
[81:26] and none of them had this nice spring
[81:28] loaded thing going on
[81:30] uh that’s professional as
[81:33] yeah
[81:34] um it’s really cool
[81:36] yeah so like you know once you’re done
[81:37] you just pop it out and you can keep
[81:38] going
[81:39] um
[81:40] and
[81:41] yeah this is this has been something
[81:43] that’s just like i’m like okay i have to
[81:45] have this before next year because
[81:46] otherwise i’m going to go crazy while
[81:48] testing all these all these products
[81:50] um
[81:52] i
[81:53] also have got it to put out these test
[81:54] reports
[82:02] so
[82:03] again steven is doing something similar
[82:05] and he also copied prusa which is what i
[82:07] did i’m like okay we’re not gonna be the
[82:09] first people to do these test reports
[82:11] but ours are gonna be the prettiest
[82:13] so
[82:14] i have made sure that they are on pretty
[82:16] paper and they
[82:18] have pretty graphics and typography
[82:20] because that’s just how we do everything
[82:22] everything’s got to be aesthetic
[82:24] and yeah so um
[82:27] those are adorable little reports that
[82:29] get printed out of
[82:31] this little tiny printer
[82:34] i have
[82:36] an absurd amount of thermal printers in
[82:39] my house
[82:40] um
[82:41] almost as many keyboards
[82:43] but yeah these are really cool really
[82:46] cute i reverse engineered the protocol
[82:48] that um the android app uses to talk to
[82:51] it
[82:52] so i can just talk to it from um from
[82:54] any computer
[82:56] so that’s fun
[83:00] but yeah that’s uh oh i can show you all
[83:02] the uh the guts of this thing
[83:05] which like i said this is not done
[83:07] there’s still so much to do
[83:09] most of the front panel is not wired up
[83:11] to anything
[83:14] but um but yeah there’s the there’s the
[83:16] guts
[83:17] and um
[83:19] it’s called hubble so it has like an
[83:21] actual illustration of the hubble
[83:22] telescope on the back of it
[83:25] um
[83:25] and yeah there’s a little usb hub in
[83:27] here as well because
[83:29] for the modules that need to be
[83:30] programmed with firmware um there’ll be
[83:32] a um a j-link
[83:34] that gets attached to this that does
[83:36] that
[83:37] um
[83:38] yeah so
[83:40] pretty cool stuff this has been
[83:42] i felt like this project was cursed for
[83:44] the longest time
[83:46] because i started working on the
[83:47] motherboard first
[83:49] and it took me three more revisions that
[83:51] i would have liked for it to just
[83:53] function
[83:54] at all
[83:56] um
[83:57] but it’s it’s working now it’s working
[83:59] great and i’m very happy about that
[84:02] and you want to know where the 80
[84:04] percents are this is it
[84:08] [Laughter]
[84:13] that are missing for making a product a
[84:15] project a product
[84:17] like i also worked on my tesla probably
[84:19] as much as i did on the actual product
[84:21] even though it’s a really simple pcb in
[84:23] my case
[84:25] yeah yeah the testing is so
[84:28] so much i mean people really
[84:29] underestimate it like
[84:32] and that’s another thing like um i think
[84:33] i mentioned everything we do is open
[84:35] source that includes our factory setup
[84:37] scripts
[84:38] and
[84:39] now it includes our test jig as well
[84:41] because this is on github now
[84:43] i haven’t haven’t uploaded all the
[84:44] mechanical parts yet because they’re not
[84:46] done but um the the motherboard and all
[84:49] of these adapters are already on github
[84:52] um as well as the software that runs on
[84:54] the
[84:54] on the um motherboard which is
[84:57] actually quite dumb it’s it just
[84:59] responds to midi commands over usb
[85:03] and
[85:04] the reason we’re using midi is just
[85:05] because
[85:06] i i
[85:07] we’re a music technology company we have
[85:09] a bunch of stuff around midi already so
[85:11] it’s easy for me to build tooling around
[85:13] that
[85:14] um
[85:15] so yeah um that way i didn’t have to
[85:17] invent a new protocol for talking to it
[85:19] and just send midi messages and it um
[85:22] basically reads and writes voltages and
[85:26] for
[85:27] the synthesizer stuff that we’re working
[85:29] with um we have to deal with things
[85:31] between basically negative 12 and
[85:32] positive to 12 volts
[85:34] um so we can’t just slap an arduino on
[85:37] there and call it a day
[85:38] um it’s got you know an analog front end
[85:41] and um some output amplifiers for the
[85:43] dac as well
[85:44] it’s got a really sweet 16-bit deck in
[85:47] there which is awesome
[85:49] um
[85:50] so yeah it’s it’s been a journey on this
[85:53] one
[85:54] nice
[85:55] can you push the button really glorious
[85:57] it looks great
[85:59] can i push the button again
[86:02] the audience was like demanding oh yeah
[86:04] demanding more honks
[86:06] okay okay okay okay so i’m gonna i’m
[86:09] gonna show you something even better how
[86:10] about that
[86:11] um please
[86:12] so last time i plugged in
[86:14] one speaker right
[86:18] but i have a lot of cables here
[86:26] let’s plug in a bunch of speakers
[86:28] let’s turn it up to 11.
[86:31] there’s one speaker
[86:34] [Music]
[86:35] here’s
[86:36] the two speakers
[86:41] oh this one’s not turned up all the way
[86:42] hold up there we go
[86:44] uh
[86:45] three speakers
[86:48] oh i need to use some longer cables
[86:53] all right four speakers
[87:00] [Music]
[87:02] i accidentally hit the button hold on
[87:06] that was that was not a real thing
[87:07] pretend that didn’t happen
[87:11] here we go
[87:17] there’s your duck
[87:19] my cat is looking at me like i’m crazy
[87:24] but you do human
[87:27] but yeah that’s
[87:30] people people love that i love this
[87:32] thing
[87:33] is
[87:34] honestly it’s the second product i
[87:36] designed and i’m just
[87:37] amazed that it’s still as popular as it
[87:39] is
[87:40] sometimes it’s the simple things yeah it
[87:43] really is it really is
[87:46] [Music]
[87:48] all right um
[87:50] yeah anybody got
[87:52] questions
[87:56] have you played
[87:58] goose game the update
[88:00] the like the multiplayer update
[88:02] multiplayer goose game
[88:04] yes yes that sounds so much easier than
[88:06] the original version
[88:09] yeah it’s much easier when you have um
[88:12] you know accomplices
[88:15] everything’s easier when you have
[88:16] accomplices
[88:17] yeah that’s true
[88:20] everyone’s commenting on how neat your
[88:21] desk is thea like no death too neat but
[88:24] i think that like we all try to clean up
[88:26] a little bit right maybe not to moan
[88:35] this is actually a rule for me because
[88:38] everything i do is out of my house
[88:40] and
[88:41] like
[88:42] most of the stuff happens in my bedroom
[88:45] like we have a little bit of space
[88:47] downstairs for the laser cutter whose
[88:49] name is jeremy
[88:50] um
[88:52] but all of the
[88:53] electronic stuff is up here it’s this is
[88:56] my bedroom you know so like this whole
[88:58] this whole workbench over here like
[89:01] my rule is that every
[89:03] every day i have to clean it before i go
[89:05] to bed because if i don’t when i get up
[89:07] in the morning i’m not going to want to
[89:09] deal with it
[89:10] um
[89:11] and that’s a problem i have adhd so i
[89:14] have to constantly do things to trick
[89:16] myself into being able to do other
[89:17] things
[89:18] um
[89:19] so yeah i have to keep it clean it’s
[89:22] it’s a it’s a strong requirement
[89:24] i find it helps me clear my mind
[89:26] cleaning my studio
[89:28] yeah actually it’s clean i feel very
[89:30] motivated so
[89:32] yeah it’s way more than a year-long
[89:34] cleaning at the moment like it looks
[89:35] messy but i’ve been reorganizing
[89:38] throwing out like it’s uh
[89:40] i get you if this used to be my bedroom
[89:43] too like i’ve now it’s my work room
[89:46] and like
[89:47] theo obviously placed out the things
[89:49] that were in the frame
[90:04] i’m scared to show you how
[90:06] neat the rest of my room is because
[90:07] you’re gonna think that i’m crazy uh
[90:12] but um yeah i i like to keep a neat
[90:14] workspace
[90:16] i really i really want to look into
[90:17] buying a house next year just because i
[90:19] really need
[90:20] space
[90:22] like
[90:23] i do want winter bloom to grow a little
[90:24] bit more like i don’t want this to be a
[90:26] million dollar company or anything but
[90:29] a little bit bigger would be nice and a
[90:32] little more space for that to happen
[90:33] would be great
[90:35] where are you in georgia
[90:37] yeah i’m in atlanta atlanta georgia
[90:42] very cool
[90:46] oh yeah i just got a 3d printer that 3d
[90:48] printed these parts
[90:53] yeah i love those knobs
[90:55] i also like
[90:56] i don’t know that my knob
[90:57] section is as you know thorough as yours
[91:00] but i i understand the sentiment
[91:02] i mean
[91:04] i don’t know i feel like
[91:08] in the events of my death
[91:10] my poor sisters are gonna have so much
[91:12] crap to deal with
[91:19] i want to leave a legacy where everybody
[91:21] is like uh yeah that was clam stuff
[91:23] better not touch that and to my knees i
[91:25] leave
[91:26] my knobs
[91:38] okay
[91:40] so i’ve just got some quick things to
[91:41] show and then we got the quiz so i’ll be
[91:43] quite brief in my my share and tell so
[91:46] let me just
[91:48] do this
[91:49] transition yeah okay
[91:53] make myself a solo person
[91:56] cool all right so i’ve been messing
[91:58] around with videos
[92:00] with these uh wireless leds that um
[92:03] apparently they’ve been around for years
[92:04] and years as numerous commentators have
[92:07] pointed out on my video
[92:08] these came out five years ago and i’m a
[92:11] doofus for even showing them but i think
[92:12] they’re amazing
[92:13] so i found these uh these are on the
[92:15] tested channel a few weeks ago so i
[92:17] thought i’d um get hold of something
[92:19] from aliexpress
[92:20] and then i thought i’d try just making
[92:22] my own and reverse engineering so these
[92:24] are the uh
[92:25] versions which are quite neat and small
[92:28] and very very elegant
[92:30] and uh
[92:31] here’s my uh homemade version which is
[92:33] slightly less neat that i feel has a
[92:36] certain charm to it and they work really
[92:38] well so you can have a
[92:40] wireless leds
[92:42] so all you need is a an inductor and a
[92:44] capacitor and a coil
[92:47] so uh so i made a bunch of these um
[92:49] my own versions and played around with
[92:51] different inductors to see how they work
[92:54] and then i thought i might as well make
[92:55] my own coil as well so if i go to this
[92:57] one
[92:58] and i plug in my extremely sophisticated
[93:01] coil of wire
[93:03] and uh
[93:04] then this works as well so i’ve also got
[93:06] my own sort of driver circuit which i’ll
[93:08] try and bring in
[93:12] which really is just
[93:14] a coil
[93:15] with a capacitor and a mosfet just kind
[93:18] of um dumping it that’s exactly what i
[93:20] was
[93:21] thinking of when you shot your video
[93:23] like uh yeah how can you make it
[93:25] yourself i love that so it’s really i
[93:27] mean i’m i’m massively cheating by uh
[93:30] using an esp32 as my signal generator um
[93:34] which
[93:35] does seem slightly overkill but it kind
[93:38] of no works and i kind of thought i
[93:41] can’t i couldn’t be bothered to kind of
[93:42] build a 555 circuit with all those
[93:44] resistors and capacitors everywhere it
[93:46] just seemed too much when i’ve got an
[93:49] mcu that can do it all
[93:50] so exactly so yes i mean that’s really
[93:53] very pleased with it so it’s quite it’s
[93:55] quite neat so i’ve got some
[93:57] smd components in order now so i’m going
[94:00] to try and make some more sort of small
[94:02] ones like these ones which are slightly
[94:04] slightly neater but i do quite like the
[94:06] um
[94:07] the sort of homemade look of the uh
[94:10] the do-it-yourself ones
[94:12] i was gonna say could you make a really
[94:14] big wireless led
[94:22] so there’s this one person that makes
[94:24] leds that are like the size of a head
[94:28] i would love to see that yeah i could
[94:29] definitely have a yeah i gave one of
[94:31] those as a gift one year i mean you
[94:32] could potentially you could put this
[94:34] around your neck and have kind of things
[94:37] oh like earrings and stuff earrings and
[94:40] i mean the ranges
[94:41] how far away like yeah how far away
[94:44] does it have
[94:49] it might block some of the signal oh
[94:50] right because if you put the the coil
[94:52] around exactly yes
[94:55] and those pieces would work or teeth you
[94:57] could put some shoulder pads
[95:03] [Laughter]
[95:12] board
[95:19] lots of people wanting to swallow them
[95:20] and then
[95:21] scan what comes out the other end to see
[95:24] if it survives the journey
[95:26] sure
[95:28] i thought you were gonna say swallow
[95:29] them and then
[95:30] do the company that made them
[95:32] the child swallowed the world
[95:34] no no not the viewers of my child anyway
[95:36] they uh they were definitely into this i
[95:38] wonder if you could see that in your
[95:40] body actually like but while it like
[95:41] goes through you
[95:43] do you go through your intestines okay
[95:44] your skin stuff so
[95:46] [Music]
[95:47] so you can light up your belly that’s
[95:49] cool yeah you could definitely um
[95:52] see at least you can put them in your
[95:53] mouth
[96:03] i mean it was so interesting so how many
[96:06] views did that video i had now because i
[96:08] think
[96:18] it’s the only video that’s had any
[96:19] success on my channel so
[96:22] so you’ll be seeing a lot more wireless
[96:24] led videos in the future this is your
[96:26] thing now
[96:27] for the rest of your channel i can do
[96:29] that nothing else it’s going to be
[96:30] wireless videos forever so
[96:33] yeah they’re kind of fun so i haven’t
[96:35] got any more wireless videos in the plan
[96:36] but um i didn’t think once the smd
[96:39] components come all in i’ll do another
[96:41] one just to see if i can i can repeat
[96:43] the 1.6 million views that will be here
[96:47] my vote to retirement will be lined with
[96:49] leds
[96:51] there’s something about colorful leds
[96:53] every channel goes like to the moon
[96:56] once they start doing led projects and i
[96:58] hate them
[96:59] sorry not the channels i hate earlier
[97:02] you gotta follow the argument there’s no
[97:04] choice i’m in the wrong industry you
[97:07] want to
[97:08] know music skills but everyone likes the
[97:09] audio everyone loves audio
[97:12] you say that but like so many people
[97:14] watch youtube videos with sound off
[97:18] that’s true which is like a death
[97:21] sentence for a music technology company
[97:24] like for my ad for pioneer i wanted to
[97:26] do a voice over and then realized like
[97:28] that will be a terrible idea because
[97:31] most people just don’t listen to that so
[97:33] i just put music on there and texting it
[97:35] because yeah it’s just the world
[97:36] clipping the only video where it really
[97:39] counts is if you have a kickstarter
[97:40] explainer
[97:42] then people want the sound
[97:44] for the ads
[97:45] like crosstalk actually have advised me
[97:47] like people don’t do that um
[97:49] like just don’t bother with voiceovers
[97:53] just have silent videos i’m still mine
[97:55] and to be honest i also like even on
[97:56] kickstarter i just
[97:58] mute it immediately occasionally it’s
[98:00] obnoxious
[98:01] i just i just don’t get a kickstarter
[98:03] [Music]
[98:07] i hear the voice of a million
[98:08] kickstarter projects crying out in agony
[98:13] oh i just look for the bad ones
[98:18] is that a deliberate backing policy
[98:20] what’s the worst kickstarter i can back
[98:22] that way how bad could it be yeah i
[98:25] remember a great chris that i think
[98:26] becky made whereas was like
[98:29] uh edm band or like bad kickstarter or
[98:31] something
[98:33] that was fun
[98:34] that was called wearables crowdfunding
[98:36] campaign or and one time it was defense
[98:38] contractor and the other time it was
[98:40] ambient electronic musician
[98:45] and that time my host didn’t know it
[98:46] wasn’t an ambient fan so i’m like
[98:49] orbitals i was i got something you got
[98:52] it yeah you yeah you
[98:53] you got all the questions right but that
[98:55] um yeah
[98:57] so so yes crowdfunding campaign or is
[98:59] the good game to play
[99:03] all right
[99:04] are we ready for the quiz
[99:06] yes i’m ready
[99:08] excellent
[99:10] all right okay
[99:20] that’s the button yes
[99:23] okay
[99:24] it’s the quiz the makercast episode 35
[99:28] quiz
[99:29] so
[99:31] is the requires you’re probably asking
[99:33] yourself
[99:34] and of course there is a prize and the
[99:36] prize is next time you don’t have to do
[99:39] the quiz
[99:44] oh boy
[99:47] okay
[99:50] question one geek culture
[99:53] what is the first recorded use of the
[99:55] word nerd
[99:57] is it
[99:58] if i ran a zoo
[100:01] 1950
[100:03] is it happy days the tv show 1974.
[100:08] is it the sign of the four sherlock
[100:10] holmes 1890
[100:12] or is it the canterbury tales by chaucer
[100:16] 1387 to 1400. it’s canterbury tales
[100:20] you’re supposed to make a note of your
[100:21] answers
[100:24] yeah you couldn’t see the rules i’ve
[100:26] never done this before
[100:29] yeah you didn’t tell us
[100:34] it’s getting late
[100:36] okay that was question one
[100:38] so
[100:39] question two
[100:40] popular culture
[100:42] how many players started squid game
[100:46] was it 301 players
[100:48] all of them 500 players
[100:51] 121 players
[100:53] or
[100:54] 456 players so how many players started
[100:57] the first game of squid game
[101:00] did everybody watch squid game just
[101:02] because it’s popular culture so you did
[101:04] yeah everyone’s nodding
[101:06] maybe nodding yeah
[101:08] question marks yeah okay
[101:10] so what should know this art event good
[101:12] okay next one tv and film
[101:16] i like to believe that there are always
[101:18] possibilities who said this was it
[101:21] kirk
[101:23] was it spock
[101:25] was it bones
[101:26] or was it scotty
[101:30] i think you’re a star trek fan right
[101:32] because last last uh guess you also had
[101:34] a question
[101:35] that’s that’s pure laziness on my part
[101:39] there’s a website with star trek quotes
[101:43] okay question four
[101:45] what popular tv show uses this mode of
[101:48] transport
[101:49] is it police 911
[101:52] is it chips
[101:55] doctor who
[101:57] or
[101:58] crime squad
[102:00] it’s not night rider
[102:03] oh night riders
[102:06] what is it chips
[102:08] chips it’s the chicago highway
[102:20] this is an old show like old old yeah
[102:24] it’s worth a it’s worth a look worth of
[102:26] watch i’m sure there’s like an eclipse
[102:28] montage on youtube you could find it
[102:30] okay question five space
[102:34] which of the following is not a call
[102:37] sign for the apollo command module
[102:40] dumb gumdrop
[102:42] charlie brown
[102:44] casper
[102:46] or colombo so not a cool sign
[102:49] so apparently nationals got to
[102:52] name the cool science for each of the
[102:53] apollo command modules from apollo 9
[102:56] onwards
[102:57] okay
[102:58] question six
[103:00] history ancient geeks
[103:03] which famous greek geek reportedly
[103:07] reportedly exclaimed eureka eureka
[103:09] during a bath
[103:12] was it euripides
[103:16] and my dad’s joke is you ripper these
[103:18] trousers you buy me another pair so
[103:20] was it
[103:28] [Laughter]
[103:30] was it pythagoras
[103:32] or was it socrates
[103:35] okay that’s the ancient geekster
[103:38] question seven telecommunications
[103:40] history
[103:41] sms messages used to be limited to how
[103:44] many characters
[103:46] nobody will ever need more than 200
[103:48] characters
[103:50] 160 what are you writing an essay
[103:55] a nice round developer friendly 255
[103:59] 80 characters that’s more than we had
[104:00] when i was allowed
[104:02] so how many characters for sms messages
[104:06] okay
[104:07] question eight tis the season
[104:10] why is there no sequel to the film elf
[104:14] because is it because of
[104:17] elf and safety
[104:19] [Music]
[104:22] is it because will farrell just refuse
[104:24] to do it
[104:25] is it because coca-cola claimed
[104:27] copyright on santa
[104:30] well it’s not true there’s one coming
[104:32] next year
[104:34] don’t get my hopes up okay
[104:38] i can’t i can’t handle
[104:39] the emotional crush
[104:41] of believing there’s going to be an l
[104:43] sequel being cheated out of it
[104:45] don’t do
[104:46] this the question nine
[104:49] the star wars holiday special was
[104:51] broadcast in which year
[104:53] was it 1981
[104:56] 78
[104:58] 85
[104:59] or 75
[105:04] when was star wars released
[105:06] was that an original black and white or
[105:08] a color photo
[105:09] um i don’t know if that would help it’s
[105:12] um no it’s color it’s in color
[105:16] okay
[105:17] last question
[105:19] according to norbert who designed and
[105:22] built santa’s sleigh
[105:24] was it
[105:26] sleigh bells inc
[105:28] is it k kringle elves think
[105:32] was it slays r us
[105:35] or was it santa’s little helpers
[105:41] okay
[105:43] it’s over
[105:45] that’s ten questions do you want the
[105:47] answers
[105:50] no i’m fine thank you thank you
[105:54] okay i don’t know
[105:55] okay
[105:58] first recorded use of the word nerd
[106:00] it is dr zeus
[106:02] the guy around the zoo
[106:07] we have him to thank for so much we do
[106:10] it’s the debt that should be repaid the
[106:12] answer is
[106:14] 456.
[106:16] oh
[106:17] yes
[106:19] that’s going to be the only one i get
[106:21] right
[106:23] so if you’ve watched my previous hosting
[106:25] as you’ll know
[106:26] it’s always spock
[106:29] spock
[106:31] guess that
[106:32] good guess
[106:34] okay question four
[106:36] it is of course doctor who as we should
[106:38] oh i
[106:40] [Laughter]
[106:43] i really want to see chips use the
[106:45] police box though
[106:48] so which of the following is not a cool
[106:50] sign did anyone get this right anyone
[106:52] guess anything
[106:56] there’s a casper colombo
[107:01] now we need the dark zone
[107:04] okay next question ancient geeks ancient
[107:07] greek geeks
[107:08] it was of course
[107:10] archimedes
[107:15] next question
[107:17] telecommunications it was 160 characters
[107:20] yes
[107:22] wow someone’s doing well he’s good
[107:24] okay
[107:26] so the reason for no more elf films
[107:29] is not health and safety unfortunately
[107:31] you just didn’t want to do it
[107:34] that’s it no more
[107:36] so you can mess around yeah
[107:39] valid
[107:40] and so what’s holiday special
[107:43] 1978
[107:46] no idea what you’re back is wearing but
[107:48] it looks
[107:48] interesting
[107:50] and the last question
[107:53] it was
[107:54] k kringle elves inc
[107:57] yeah
[107:58] so
[107:59] what did everyone would get
[108:17] seven seven yeah oh
[108:20] gosh
[108:21] that’s not bad whether you get to dodge
[108:22] the quiz next time
[108:24] you could even host the quiz next time
[108:25] that could be the fires how about that
[108:27] yeah
[108:29] think about it
[108:31] the audience mostly sevens in the
[108:33] audience yeah so then
[108:35] say we’re googling it
[108:37] [Laughter]
[108:42] culturally educated
[108:50] [Laughter]
[108:57] me
[109:12] i think definitely um
[109:14] somebody else needs to host next time
[109:15] because i’m running out of questions as
[109:17] you can tell so i don’t know that was
[109:19] pretty good maybe you’re getting better
[109:20] at it
[109:21] i agree
[109:22] i’m not doing it again
[109:27] i think i think it’s a record i mean
[109:28] they don’t think they ever had three
[109:30] times the same house
[109:31] do you is it like snl do you get like a
[109:33] jacket
[109:34] oh do you go maybe you do yeah
[109:37] oh now he’s not ready
[109:40] we can get you a piece of bee at least
[109:42] yeah
[109:44] a jacket maybe a pink one a pink jacket
[109:47] a pink jacket
[109:48] all right i’ll be awesome
[109:49] on all the christmas jumpers so i made
[109:51] an effort again
[109:53] didn’t put any flashing lights on there
[109:54] because i was too busy trying to tidy my
[109:56] desk which failed so
[109:58] no i really feel like my desk is really
[110:00] terrible because it’s
[110:02] it’s just horrible
[110:04] yeah i need some tips on how to uh
[110:08] i believe in you i believe in you
[110:11] the way that it works for me is i just
[110:13] look at it and if it’s dirty it causes
[110:15] me anxiety so yeah it’s like okay
[110:19] then i just think oh
[110:21] that’s terrible
[110:24] i’ve developed like a mind filter like i
[110:26] just at some point i just don’t see the
[110:28] things anymore and then somebody says
[110:30] something i’m like oh yeah
[110:32] that’s the rest of the house
[110:34] the rest of the house is like that for
[110:35] me like i’m completely blind to all the
[110:37] other myths in this place
[110:39] but my workbench
[110:41] it’s got to be clean
[110:42] it’s my sanctuary
[110:44] okay i want to get there
[110:47] no i just leave the office and hide
[110:50] the nice thing about having a separate
[110:51] room with all the crappy is you can just
[110:54] yeah just stick it in the pile of shame
[110:56] and never talk about it okay i also like
[110:58] having a door to the studio so that for
[111:00] the day i do not that was a big change i
[111:03] did like this is now not my bedroom
[111:04] anymore it’s now like just a workshop
[111:06] and i can like
[111:08] leave the mess behind
[111:09] brag about it
[111:12] it was not great i’ve yeah i’ve slept in
[111:15] here for like three or four years and uh
[111:17] it was a bit cleaner then i’ve got you
[111:18] like it’s if you sleep in it it has to
[111:21] be nice
[111:23] pro tip if you need a snow shovel to get
[111:25] through your workshop you should clean
[111:29] you just go
[111:30] into the bit and then work your way
[111:32] through
[111:33] no it’s just if you can’t just push it
[111:35] away with the snow shuffling
[111:37] then it’s time to clean out until then
[111:39] you’re settled there’s no problem with
[111:41] that
[111:44] that is the trick i think guido’s got
[111:46] the right idea big tub
[111:48] just
[111:52] so anyway that’s the last show of the
[111:54] year so
[111:55] that’s it for
[111:57] a year
[111:58] yeah
[112:00] i guess we’ll be back next year with
[112:01] another show
[112:02] new host here yeah i mean bit looney
[112:05] will probably do january as always but
[112:07] um oh yeah yeah so that’ll be good yeah
[112:13] becky if you want to do february
[112:16] hard maybe
[112:18] i like that commitment
[112:21] how are you very very in maker cast
[112:23] fashion
[112:27] i’ve given that a solid secure perhaps
[112:30] [Laughter]
[112:33] i don’t need a voter or something should
[112:34] have a motor that’s what we need let’s
[112:36] get a voter up
[112:38] that’s full again all right it’s
[112:40] organized
[112:42] yeah this is great thanks for having me
[112:46] yeah this is so fun yeah thanks for
[112:47] coming on that was awesome
[112:50] and the audience as well we should give
[112:51] an applause to the audience thanks for
[112:53] watching
[112:59] [Laughter]
[113:04] i’m definitely in your imagination
[113:07] you should be afraid
[113:17] all right i’m gonna
[113:19] end the broadcast
[113:20] see you guys

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A collection of slightly mad projects, instructive/educational videos, and generally interesting stuff. Building projects around the Arduino and ESP32 platforms - we'll be exploring AI, Computer Vision, Audio, 3D Printing - it may get a bit eclectic...

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