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Check out these intriguing new PCBs, Axial Flux Motor and handy gadgets that will make any electronics enthusiast excited this Christmas season!

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[0:00] hey everyone it’s Christmas time and in
[0:02] true panto fashion I’ve been given a
[0:05] bunch of magic beans well actually I’ve
[0:08] just been ordering a ton of pcbs over
[0:10] the past couple of years from PCB way
[0:12] and I’ve built up a lot of rewards in my
[0:14] account so along with my next set of
[0:17] pcbs I got myself some Christmas
[0:19] presents let’s open up the box and see
[0:21] what we’ve got
[0:27] first off I’ve got a new set of pcbs for
[0:30] my axial flux motor
[0:33] these are using eight layers and they
[0:35] look great under the microscope I
[0:37] probably could have been a bit more
[0:39] careful with the silk screen and the
[0:40] wires but they still look good to me
[0:42] let’s give them a quick test to see how
[0:44] they perform
[0:46] I’m running the board with a simple bit
[0:47] of code that slowly ramps up the speed
[0:49] using simple FOC in open loop mode
[0:52] [Music]
[0:55] [Applause]
[0:55] [Music]
[1:10] foreign
[1:15] RPM before it spins out of control I’ll
[1:18] be testing out the torque and comparing
[1:20] it against the four layer boards in a
[1:22] follow-up video so keep your eyes peeled
[1:26] next we have a new multimeter
[1:30] my old one has started acting up it’s
[1:32] not switching modes properly and it’s
[1:34] getting stuck I’m not sure what’s going
[1:36] on but it’s time to replace it hopefully
[1:38] this new one will last just as long it
[1:41] comes with a bunch of fuses let’s hope I
[1:43] don’t need any of these anytime soon it
[1:45] seems to be a pretty decent quality
[1:47] though I will have to translate the
[1:48] manual into English but luckily I’ve got
[1:51] Google translate on my phone
[1:54] foreign
[1:57] [Music]
[2:02] next we have a solder paste squeegee
[2:07] I’ve been making do with this up until
[2:09] now it’s a bit beaten up and it’s
[2:12] definitely not the right tool for the
[2:13] job so let’s try this new one out I have
[2:16] these power boards that I want to get
[2:18] soldered up so let’s do the squeegeeing
[2:20] and see what it looks like
[2:22] [Music]
[2:25] looking under the microscope we have
[2:27] good coverage maybe there’s a bit too
[2:28] much paste on the pads but then I did do
[2:31] this quite quickly without much due care
[2:32] and attention
[2:34] foreign
[2:36] populated
[2:38] [Music]
[2:44] [Applause]
[2:49] it looks like I used a hand solder
[2:51] version of the footprint here
[2:54] [Music]
[2:58] and these are definitely not the right
[3:00] footprints for these diodes
[3:03] what’s nice is the board fits perfectly
[3:05] on my hot plate normally I end up having
[3:07] to shift the board around to get it all
[3:09] melted
[3:16] this is the first time I’ve had to nudge
[3:18] a component back into place it’s
[3:20] probably because there is too much
[3:21] solder paste or maybe I just didn’t
[3:23] place the component properly in the
[3:25] first place
[3:31] the diodes do seem to be sticking which
[3:33] is good
[3:36] well that’s all melted and soldered up
[3:38] let’s take a look under the microscope
[3:41] everything is nice and connected it’s
[3:43] not a bad soldering job at all
[3:55] more importantly the board actually
[3:57] seems to work
[3:59] keep an eye out for a follow-up video
[4:00] where I actually use this board in anger
[4:02] on a project
[4:03] [Music]
[4:07] finally I’ve got this handy little USB
[4:10] tester it’s always good to have a few of
[4:13] these in the toolbox
[4:15] foreign
[4:16] I’ve plugged in my USB soldering iron
[4:19] and we can see all the stats as it
[4:20] Powers up it looks good to me
[4:24] that’s all the tools I got for myself
[4:25] but in the same delivery I got another
[4:28] box it’s a Christmas goodie box from PCB
[4:30] way we’ve got a mouse mat I mostly use
[4:34] the trackpad but my wife is a big mouse
[4:36] user so this will be perfect for her
[4:39] we’ve also got a phone tablet stand
[4:41] that’s very handy especially when you’re
[4:43] cooking and trying to watch Netflix at
[4:45] the same time or watching my YouTube
[4:47] videos which you should all be watching
[4:49] there’s a notebook there’s some amazing
[4:51] ideas to be written down in and a
[4:53] flashing Christmas tree ornament to
[4:54] stick on the tree or anywhere else you
[4:57] want to stick it there’s also a PCB way
[4:59] mug I collect mugs this is a great
[5:02] addition to my collection and there’s a
[5:04] new mat for my worktop this is great it
[5:07] will protect my work surfaces from
[5:08] getting ruined
[5:10] and we’ve got this cozy cushion that
[5:12] unzips into a soft blanket perfect for
[5:15] this cold weather we’re having
[5:17] and I’ve got another flashing ornament
[5:19] thanks PCB way for the awesome Christmas
[5:21] Box Merry Christmas everyone if I don’t
[5:24] see you in a new video before Christmas
[5:26] then have a great one

HELP SUPPORT MY WORK: If you're feeling flush then please stop by Patreon Or you can make a one off donation via ko-fi
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