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Exciting news from OpenAI - there’s now an API for ChatGPT. For a while, I’ve been thinking that we were heading rapidly into the trough of disillusionment when it comes to Large Language Models.

I thought we heading down to the touch of disillusionment

I’ve now revised my opinion, I think we’re actually still at the very start and are heading up to the peak of inflated expectations. It feels very much like the start of the dot com boom - everyone (including myself) is very excited and interested in what can potentially be achieved.

There’s a bit of landgrab going on from the AI providers - the pricing for the ChatGPT API is 10 times cheaper than their existing best-in-class model. This brings quite a few use cases back into reach and I think that as other providers (Facebook, Google etc…) get their acts together we’ll see prices decrease further.

So, here’s where I think we are now.

I think we're actually heading to the peak of inflated expectations

We’re actually heading to the peak of inflated expectations… I can’t wait to see all the crazy things that people are going to create. It’s going to be a wild ride!


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HELP SUPPORT MY WORK: If you're feeling flush then please stop by Patreon Or you can make a one off donation via ko-fi
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